Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday #6 - Albondigas

Last night for comida (mom it's literal translation is food) - but really, it's like full on mega lunch/dinner. Anyway, last night, we had albondegas, rice, black beans, torillas, tostadas, and limeade. "A traditional Mexican meal" You guys want to know what a "traditional Mexican meal" consists of?? Well I will tell you! A traditional mexican meal consists of whatever the crap you want with tortillas and/or tostadas, rice and beans. Avocado if there aren't kids around to eat it all is also very popular. But seriously, albondigas are meatballs. So you're supposed to stuff cut up meatballs with rice and beans into your nasty corn tortillas. Ok, I can handle that (although 99% of the time, I don't eat the tortillas). These meatballs were made up of random hard boiled egg parts in the very middle, and then meat and RICE mushed together! And to my amazement, I actually really liked them. Lydia's nephews liked them too. So much so, that Lydia is making chili rellenos and albondigas (for the ninos) tonight for dinner. hahahaha!

This is kind of what they looked like, but the sauce wasn't so fancy:

They look all normal, but they aren't! It's like a Kinder Egg where you get surprises in the middle! Maybe today, I'll get a quarter!

I got all sorts of wonderful Breaking Dawn spoilers I am so hoping they are real! Oh I am all giggly goodness over this lame stuff!

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Shel and Rick said...

I so love your Kinder Egg comment. That reminds me...I bought Princess ones when I was in Cancun last November. I ended up with Belle and Jasmine. Do they still have the princess ones around?