Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday #5

I'm still alive, my wish to die didn't happen. The doctor finally came at 2:30, I got in there, told him my symptoms, he gave me a prescription for antibiotics and tylenol. So just incase I have a teeny ickle parasite, the antibiotics should do the trick, right?

I am feeling better today. I'm trying to take it as easy as possible. Having a constant stream of Dramamine in my makes me extremely lethargic. I ended up not going to conversation class again today because I just can't even imagine trying to come up with things to say while feeling so uncomfortable. I probably should have found out who my teacher was and told them I wouldn't be there, but I just can't seem to muster up enough energy for even that! Sitting is good. Not moving is better. If I don't move, I don't get sick.

So now, I'm taking tylenol, some random antibiotic, some random pill to help keep the lining content on my stomach (Lydia INSISTED- HAH), dramamine every 3 or 4 hours even though it says 4-6, I just can't tolerate not being heavily medicated at all times. I'd rather be tired, in pain and dizzy than in debilitating pain and coherent.

Last night, I ended up eating a spoonful of rice, a 1" piece of chicken and a 1" piece of zucchini. I couldn't even begin to play with thoughts of eating more. I excused myself to go downstairs, and slept til 7 or 8..i dont even remember. Drew brought down some random cream of wheat stuff that lydia insisted would be good for my intestinal issues, and a piece of toast. I was actually extremely hungry so I wanted to eat, but the thought of ACTUALLY eating made me nauseous. I ate it anyway. I then layed back down, watched Treasure Planet for a while and fell back asleep. I probably slept about 12 hours yesterday. I still wanted to sleep this morning...but my will to use the computer overcame the need to sleep.

Lydia's nephews came over last night and brought their playstation 2, so Drew sat up there playing with them all afternoon and evening. I'm glad he had something to do cause I always feel bad when I can't be there to keep him company.

I think that's about it, I can't remember anything else. Oh wait, yeah I do. Ok, so this morning while I was putting on my tshirt, I accidentally bumped the bedside lamp - it's the kind that attach to the wall like at hotels. Anyway, I bumped it and totally popped it out of it's socket and broke it I think. I am terrified to tell Lydia, but I HAVE to since the maids come tomorrow morning. GAH! Stupid dramamine making me dizzy and disoriented. :( Maybe Pablo can fix it?

Ok, I think that's it for real. I'm going to try to upload some movies of the cliff divers. Wish me luck

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Shel and Rick said...

That is great that Drew was able to play video games. That probably made him very happy. I am sorry you are still so sick. I hope you start feeling better fast!