Tuesday, December 30, 2008


At the top of Haleakala- apparently it is the steepest incline going from sea level to 10,000 feet in about 30 miles. It was also pretty cold up there.

Drew and I are watching a new show he's grown attached to and they have this little Pomeranian on it. Every time I see it, my heart just melts! My friend talked to me about potentially getting a dog here in the near future and I got totally jealous of that! BUT, then sit and think that a dog is so far off the radar for me that it's ridiculous to even think about it. Especially after watching Marley and Me. I just can't do it. Can't handle the emotional roller coaster once they get older. Crap, I have enough with Lexy as it is.

Anyway, back to reality. We got home from our trip on Sunday- no major issues at all! We even left 10 mins early, and got in 40 mins early because there was a great tail wind apparently. Awesome! Hawaii was great, but I sure love my house, too. I'm also thankful all that stupid ice/snow melted so we could actually get home in an hour rather than FOUR hours! WOO!

I have a week (well, not technically anymore) left of christmas break. HOORAY! The last couple days I have been a total bum. I did clean the house (including the fridge and oven) yesterday, but today, all I did was internetting and book reading. It was absolutely fantastic.

This was at the Maui Tropical Plantation. They had all sorts of plants- pineapples, sugar cane, coffee, coconuts, papaya, mangoes, macadamia nuts, star fruit trees, etc., etc., etc. - it was pretty cool. We got to see the guide husk a coconut. Did you know that there is no machine that can husk a coconut? They are all done by hand- and apparently, there is a woman that can husk a coconut by my teeth! EEK!

This salad looks great, right? Yeah, WRONG DONG KING KONG! I about barfed when I ate this thing. It was pretty pathetic that I had to drenched it in ranch to choke it down cause I was starving to death and thought I might die. (I had asked for the spices to be removed and to not have the regular dressing- they just sounded nasty, but apparently LIME was not part of the spices, so everything was drenches in lime juice. SICK!)

So tomorrow, I'm going to actually get up, get out of bed, go into work, make new lesson plans. BUT THEN my friends, THEN! I am going to go and buy that freakin awesome Michael Jackson jacket- ohhhh yes! My kid is going to be the coolest mofo out there! Let's just hope they're not a total blob so these things will fit when they say they will! hehehe (I probably just jinxed myself)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry For Realsies Christmas!!!

Wowee, what a day! - and really, it was over at 1pm! For Drew's and my Christmas present, we went to Molokini (nature preserve and cinder cone half eaten away)- anyway, so we go out there, and jump off the boat and had NO IDEA how deep it'd be. Holy CRAP! It took me a couple minutes to catch my breath and make sure I wasn't going to die. I was amazed at how clear the water was, and how deep it was. Only downside was, was that Drew noticed a leak in our waterproof case near the end. I was prety ticked because we hadn't even gotten to turtle town yet! So, we have pictures of *some* of the fish in the nature preserve, but not of the turtles! That was the only thing I wanted pictures of!

Anyway, so after Molokini, we did boat over to Turtle Town- fun name, right? We were able to see a few turtles moseying along like they didn't have a care in the world. When Drew and I got off the boat, we were both amazed at the animation skills of Pixar for making the Nemo turtles so realistic- what great programmers! That was pretty freakin sweet though!

OH! We also saw a pod of bottlenosed dolphins on our way out to Molokini, and we saw a large humpback whale on our way out as well (didn't have the camera handy on that one), and a baby humpback whale playing in the water on our way back to the dock. THAT was awesome, too! All my favorite things in like 4 hours! AMAZING!

So we came back, rinsed off, and were going to head up to the volcano again, but I was feeling pretty queesey still that we decided to take it easy. So, we've been watching The Christmas Story, Housewives of Orange County, and E top (whatever) countdowns! It's amazing how entertaining TV can be when you haven't watched it in a year! AND how much junk is on TV, TOO!

So, tomorrow, I think we'll definitely head up to the volcano (weather permitting- I don't want to drive up that thing if it's pouring rain), and we might head to another state park- don't remember it's name though. I guess it depends on how late we stay in, and if we go snorkeling in the morning.

Also, we have temporarily adopted a vacation cat. I am surprised at how many stray cats there are. There was a kitty handing out on the patio today, so we fed it some roast beef. It then decided to take a nap on our towels hanging out to dry on the chairs. Kitty won't let us pet him though!

OK, now for some pictures!

These were some cool fish, they were pretty big too- we had barely gotten in the water and the waterproof case stopped working- bummer!

That was Molokini crater where we snorkeled, it's bigger up close. I think there's a bottlenosed dolphin in one of these pictures. I'm going to have to go through and edit and blow up on my computer at home since Drew doesnt have them on his.

Our adopted cat- I can't find him now. I named him Skipperdee

Ok, far away, near the horizon, under the cloud there is a whale fin. Once again, I need to edit and blow up.

I'm shocked we didn't get burnt! We had to hang out on the back on the way back because the water was so turbulent, I couldn't handle sitting down. Drew is embarassed at his nakedness, but I told him it was ok cause you can't see his boobies. teeheehee ;) - Drew says he has great pecks, but that you'll have to use your imagination. :-O

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Well, Oregon, you did your part- thank you very much! It cleared up enough for us to get out of Portland- we were given highest priority to leave and there were 4 planes just sitting around waiting for us to take off before we left- yay! Thanks to those patient people on those other planes so we could leave!

So since we've been here 2 days, I have some fun pictures to share. I have tons and tons of them, but these are some of my favorites so far. Yesterday, we just played in the water, rented our snorkeling gear, and just chilled. Today, we went snorkeling this morning, checked out the surfers and wind surfers on the other side of the island and drove to Hana. Note to others- drive to Hana, if you live in Oregon= definitely not worth it. You get the same greenery love going from Salem to Lincoln city, with a less windy road. Yeah, it's pretty, but not what I had anticipated. Still pretty though. :) Oh, we also drove to the last lava flow Maui has had (back in the late 1700's- 1790?)- anyway, that was pretty neato.

Tomorrow, for Christmas, we're going to head to Molokini island to go snorkel and check out the fishies there.

This was actually on the road to Hana (jeans were worn because I thought we were going to go up to the volcano, but it was raining too much, so we chose this activity instead)- anyway, there were over 30+ wild chickens and 20+ wild cats hanging out at this restroom stop! They really liked cheetos. You could tell which chickens hadn't had any Cheetos yet, cause they didn't have Cheeto Cheese on their beaks!

This was underwater- Drew takes great underwater pictures. I didn't realize that coral crackled under the water- so cool!

Some pretty cool fish. I'm having a hard time finding the squid picture.

Pretty sunset picture

Well, if you made it this far- good job! I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas! I'll be thinking of you allll!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Dear Oregon...

Dear Oregon, I love you so much. You are so pretty green and luscious. You have the most beautiful coast line that I love to stare at, and sometimes, when you're feeling generous, you warm up enough for me to play in there!

I have a problem though. Where did this snow come from? I can handle the 2-3 weeks of constant downpour of rain in February. We came to terms with that. But the deal was, that if we decided to be friends, you would not snow.

You totally did take backs on your side of the promise. Since you have done this, the airport has been shut down for a solid 3 days now. You promised me a trip to Hawaii for Christmas, but instead, I'm sitting in your airport, typing you a what the _____ letter.

I would like to know what your solution to this problem is going to be. I refuse to leave this airport without a trip to Hawaii, or safe roads. So, Oregon, you either need to shape up, and get on with the rain, or get the runway and weather warm enough so that we can take off.

Lovingly Yours,
Your Friend and admirer- Maddy "Awesome" Jackson

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


We have another snow day today! HOORAY! I'm serious though, these 2 days have been like a life saving miracle. I have slept so poorly the past 3 nights that it's a miracle I'm even coherent today. This cold is really doing a number on me.

So this morning, I realized that our big block bird feeder is empty. They ate like half that thing in 2 days! We'll have to go pick up another few of them at Lowe's tomorrow after the dr. appointment. Anyway, since they hate the other bird feeder, I ended up throwing bird seed all over the ground this morning. There were TONS of birds out there. I love this house for that reason only. We have also acquired a WOODPECKER! Can you believe it!? I wanted to take a picture of them today, but by the time I got the camera, they had left again. It has such a pretty red head- so cool!

I'm not sure what to do today. Part of me feels this twinge of obligation to go into work today just to see what needs to be done, but the other part of me says, meh.

I also should tidy up the house so it isn't so yucky when we get home, but once again, I am in a meh frame of mind on that one, too.

I should put together a list of things we need to pack so I don't forget anything. I also need to call the insurance company and hospital to get some information there as well- yet here I am, procrastinating like there's no tomorrow.

I DID however get my exercising in for the day! I sat and contemplated (while I read Brisingr, because for some reason, I find this one boring)- about how in the world I am expected to drink 10 glasses of water, plus extra for being sick a day? I barely get through one nalgene, let alone TWO of them. Does milk count? Does kool-aid count? Does orange juice count? Alls I'm saying is I feel water logged and I've only had 2 cups of water. HAHAHAHA

Monday, December 15, 2008

Holy CRAP!- I feel so Sick (the cold kind)

I have turned into a wuss or something. I got called last night for none other than a SNOW DAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! So excited. So I was all excited for a day off of work. I struggled to get to sleep last night because I couldn't breathe so well to then wake up around 11pm, and then again at 4am. I wasn't as lucky at 4am, as I was at 11pm in getting back to sleep. I ended up tossing and turning in bed, hoping for a miracle to make me fall back asleep- it didn't come. (I absolutely loathe breathing out of my mouth, and the air was so cold, it just hurt, and I also have some kind of allergic reaction going on to something, so I had ripped up the roof of my mouth from agitation which just made matters worse).

So, at 5am, I got out of bed and came hobbling to the couch to hang out with my warm laptop. Blah, blah, blah, Drew finally wakes up, we eat breakfast, he studies, and I figured I'd at least walk on the treadmill cause in the past, walking would clear up my nose pretty well. Well, I forgot that when I'm this sick, it will only clear it up WHILE I'm walking, and there was no way I was walking alll day long.

So I then cleaned the bathroom, sent off Christmas presents and then got back on the computer cause I didn't have anything else to do. I eventually nodded off for maybe 45 minutes, and woke up coughing due to my mouth/nose being so dry and it just HURT!

My tolerance level for little things is not where it should be. I even pulled out the Dr. approved cough drops to try to help ease the sore throat- they'd help more if I could close my mouth long enough to let them do what they're supposed to do. :(

I guess today was a blessing in disguise- I can't imagine how miserable I would have been at work trying to struggle through this- especially with Drew having his last final today- I told him to take the car, so I would have potentially been stuck at work til 5pm, and we all know how whiney I can get when I don't want to be somewhere for long amounts of time. HAHAHA

In other, brighter news- the nausea is tapering off at a decent speed- HALLELUJAH! I just wish the bathroom necessity would follow suit a bit faster.

I also need to remind myself to ask Drew how to get to the Netflix portion on the Xbox so I can watch stories I know he isn't too interested in watching. I kind of miss having cable this past week- I think we're definitely going to have to cave and buy a dish by summer time- the cable out here sucks- so we have to be white trash too, and get a satellite dish.

OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY GOSH!!!!!!! Speaking of white trash, let me tell you a story. (I wish I had pictures of this) OK- it really took all I had to not call up DHS today and report this family. So as we all know, the roads are ICEY! Seriously bad. OK, so Drew and I are coming home from the post office adventure and we're all skidding up our hill to get home and we both realize there are 3 kids sledding down their driveway and into the street. Thankfully, Drew was able to maintain control on the car and we stopped while this 3 year old slid right in front of our car. So we wait for her to get back up the driveway, and as we're going ANOTHER KID STARTS SLIDING DOWN THE DRIVEWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two "adults" were hanging out in the garage like nothing DANGEROUS was going on. I WAS APPAULED! So then half hour later or so, Drew was driving into salem to take his final and he calls me up a few minutes after he leaves to tell me that he was driving by said house and waited for another kid to get out of the driveway, and then made eyecontact with an "adult" and saw that the guy was holding the sled at a 45 degree angle, which Drew assumed was to make sure that the kid didn't go down until Drew had left. So Drew starts driving to then see this "adult" PUSH the kid down the driveway- turns out, the 45 degree angle was to get more slide on the driveway, and almost hit the car if Drew hadn't sped up. Drew said that if I had been in the car, that there's no doubt in his mind that I would have gotten out and screamed at them- WHICH I WOULD HAVE. WHO DOES THAT?!?!?! I am so disgusted with that behavior that I'm almost ready to go put on my boots and coat and see if they're still doing it. What a terrible thing to do.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


It snowed last night and is continuing to snow. Let me explain Oregon snow to all my lovely Utah counter parts. I laugh at the term "snow" up here because a fine dusting to me, is NOT snow. But in Oregon- it's a flippin blizzard. Not only is it a blizzard, but hands down 300 times SCARIER to drive in. Why you say? Because. Normally it rains first, and over the night, it turns to snow. When this happens, it leaves a nice layer of ice covering the ground, then you add snow to it, and it becomes not just slippery my friends, but a death trap waiting to happen. I would MUCH rather drive in 12 inches of Utah snow than even a minuscule amount of Oregon "snow". So, I have some pictures. There's no way church will be had today. That hill we have to drive up would be a death trap of terror!

This was from the back patio door

Another view of the patio

Of the front yard- the big images I had uploaded on a different server, and the smaller ones are uploaded from blogger. Weird how they shrink it so much.

I also had some other photos on the camera so I thought I'd share some of those. OH and a movie of Lexy- let me find it!

This is the giant mushroom we found in our yard a bit ago. I think someone took it cause it was gone the next day.

This is my new favorite beach spot, other than Neskowin. There's barely anyone ever there and ample parking. LOVE IT

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I wasted my afternoon filming footage of our cat playing like she's never played before. I was so proud of it, and I go looking for the USB connector (cause I often misplace it)- so I give up and ask Drew where it is. He said he left it at work. DANGIT!!!! So, for all my Lexy- The Devil fans out there, you're going to have to wait til tomorrow or Tuesday before you get the awesome footage of her attacking a paper ball. Mmmhmm...this is what I spend my time doing.

I fell asleep reading Hunger Games again today. I am loving that book but can't for the life of me stay awake. I don't know what the deal is. So I took an hour long nap- which was nice, but I got so warm that I had to get up. Drew is still in there snoozin.

Alright, time to eat- cause I haven't eaten in like an hour and that's just killing me. ugh...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Updates- Good, and not so great

  • The pants are getting tight today.
  • I sure hope that bridesmaid dress still fits in 2 weeks.
  • I love my family and miss them terribly today.
  • I have a bachelorette party to go to tonight- should be interesting as sushi is apparently on the menu and that is a no go.
  • Petey is up in heaven with Keeley and Grandma and Grandpa. I miss her already
  • Drew got an unexpected bonus from work. He's excited for next years bonus as an attorney cause that means it'll probably be more than what he got this year! Now we can buy food while we're in Hawaii! heh

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Zaquisha and I are tight

Drew and I were at WallyWorld tonight to buy some new hair bands for my beautiful locks, and surprisingly only saw one other person at the store- and thankfully it was another teacher, so the courtesy wave was all that was needed. It brought on a story that made me giggle pretty hard though.

When Laurie, Carrie, and I were waiting for Twilight to start, Laurie told us of a story of a couple she knows down in Utah that saw Zac Efron and that girl he hangs out with at Target (since they film High School Musical down there). So anway, the couple asks if they can take their picture, and Zac says no, they're are off the clock. *I was shocked!* so anyway, the couple proceed to go around the store taking pictures of them with their camera phones while the celebs try to hide their faces with murchandise. Then when they're leaving, the couple takes a picture of them coming out, and proceeds to follow them in their car later yelling to them WOULDN"T IT JUST HAVE BEEN EASIER TO SAY YES?!?!?! ...at least that's the story I remember- I might have left out details. SOOOO!!!

I laughed and said, OH! I totally know how that is! And they both looked at me like I was crazy. So I elaborated. I said, well when you work and play in Dallas, you're a total small time celeb. I go to the store and usually get a MIIISSSUSSSS JAAAACCCCCCKKKSSSOOON!!!!!! And if I don't turn toward it and give them a great big hug, then I'm like total sleeze of the earth! So I told the two of them, you just have to constantly be "on the clock" cause you never know who you're going to see where, and you have to be careful! The goal is to not let them see what you have in your shopping basket!


hahahahahaha oh so funny

OH OH OH, and speaking of twilight, I let one of my co-workers daughters borrow my books so she could read them. I told her dad that I thought the movie was just so-so. SOO, I was talking to him today, and said, well, I totally liked it more the second time, but it definitely is more eye candy than anything else. ANd he's all, "YOU didn't like it all that much, but you went again!?" and I was all, "Well, YEAH! I can't turn down a chance to see it again! I even downloaded it on the cpu but it was such a terrible copy that I had to delete it!" Oh man, I think I had him laughing ALL DAY! I then told him later on that day that if she needs someone to go with, I'll totally go with her. LMAO!

Oh, and I don't care if RPatz has a big forehead...us big foreheads have to stick together!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanks K!

Oh the Thanksgiving survey flood!!

01. WHAT TIME DID YOU GET UP THIS MORNING? I'm not really sure- I got up a few times

02. DIAMONDS OR PEARLS? Definitely Diamonds


04. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE TV SHOW? The Office, and Grey's Anatomy

05. WHAT DO YOU USUALLY HAVE FOR BREAKFAST? Some random assortmens of cereal most often


07. WHAT FOOD DO YOU DISLIKE? A lot lately, but usually I won't eat Mary's little lamb

08. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CD? Jason Mraz all the way

09. WHAT KIND OF CAR DO YOU DRIVE? Whatever I feel like :)

10. FAVORITE SANDWICH ? If I could eat it, it'd be peanut butter and jelly



13. IF YOU COULD GO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD ON VACATION, WHERE WOULD YOU GO? Europe- I don't think I'd even complain about packing for that one?

14. WHAT COLOR IS YOUR BATHROOM? White- I'm waiting to paint it

15. FAVORITE BRAND OF CLOTHING? I don't care so long as it fits


17. WHAT WAS YOUR MOST MEMORABLE BIRTHDAY? Memorable in a good way, or a bad way?




21. PERSON YOU EXPECT TO SEND IT BACK FIRST? I'm posting, so it doesn't matter

22. FAVORITE SAYING? Mmhhmmm, and it's ok. :)



25. WHAT IS YOUR SHOE SIZE? Running shoes: 7, everything else, a 7.5

26. PETS? The Devil

27. ANY NEW AND EXCITING NEWS THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE WITH US? The nausea still hasn't gone away!?



30. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CANDY? Used to be Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, but now, it's probably some combo of chocolate and caramel. But LATELY it's been gummy worms

31. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE FLOWER? Don't care, as long as they smell nice

32. WHAT IS A DAY ON THE CALENDAR YOU ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO? March 6th- we're going to the beach for my BIRTHDAY!!! - Drew keeps on insisting that I should do Dec. 21st for Hawaii, but meh...

34. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? Nothing, Drew is watching shows on his lappy

35. WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU ATE? Cinnamon salt water taffy

36. DO YOU WISH ON STARS? nah, that would mean I go outside



40. FAVORITE RESTAURANT? Depends on the mood, Rice Time, India Palace, Olive Garden are top 3

42. FAVORITE DAY OF THE YEAR? Tentatively June 22nd next year ;)


44. SUMMER OR WINTER? Summer- love, love sunshine!

45. HUGS OR KISSES? Equally!

46. COFFEE OR TEA? ewwwwwww

47. CHOCOLATE OR VANILLA? Chocolate candy, vanilla ice cream

48. DO YOU WANT YOUR FRIENDS TO EMAIL YOU BACK? Like I said, doesn't matter

49. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED? A couple of weeks?- I did tear up at some ridiculous song lyrics we made up on our way to Seattle though

50. WHAT IS UNDER YOUR BED? Our warmer bedspread, and a heating blanket


52. WHAT DID YOU DO LAST NIGHT? uhhhh...I think I moaned and groaned in discomfort and read. FRIDAY nights are exciting at our house!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I forgot to take pictures of the Thanksgiving frivolities on Thursday. I feel a little bad, but at the same time, I forgot, so I don't feel horribly bad. Overall, the food was good, the people were great, and I got so stuffed I had to force myself to eat yesterday because of bloating. It was a good visit. :)

So in some other Thanksgiving news, I thought I'd share with you all something I was thankful for. Some of you already know about this from other random means, but for those of you I don't talk to on a regular basis here it is:

Drew and I are going to have a BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeup!! It's pretty rockin! On this past Monday, we had another ultrasound and got some fun pictures

I'm not super far along, but far enough along that hopefully the nausea will subside soon (I hope) So here's some pictures for you to enjoy!!

Look, you can see the hands!

They were all sorts of wiggling around, it was pretty awesome

*There is only 1, I just have so many good pictures, I couldn't decide which to use, so I just chose 2. I was a little bit bummed that it isn't a seahorse anymore...especially since I bought THE CUTEST seahorse outfit in the WORLD! But oh well, I'll save those for when someone DOES have a seahorse....

Monday, November 17, 2008

I might puke

Today, one of my little kiddies got diagnosed with a head lice infestation.
Ever since, I have been scratching the jeebers out of my head. I need Drew to check me out cause I have totally paranoided myself out. Yuck. I love this little kid so much too- they're soooo stinkin sweet, and I know they have no control over it once so ever. Poor kid.

We didn't have any more lice shampoo at school, so our sweet secretary gave them some regular stuff and told them to wash their hair really well. The little kid said they didn't have any shampoo at home, and was so excited to get their own little bottle of shampoo. So sweet, yet so stinkin sad.

I told our secretary that if this kid comes back to school tomorrow with issues, that I will personally go buy them some anti-lice shampoo and help them wash it out at school. It's been a CONSTANT problem for at least 2 years now, and I just don't think it's ever been taken care of. What's worse is that this little kid seems to be so used to it, it doesn't ITCH anymore. :(

So parents out there, do me a favor- check your kids hair. Check it often- cause I sure hate sending home those fliers that say that live lice has been found in our classroom. I also hate having to sanitize the whole classroom and then do it again for a solid two weeks until the problem *maybe* is over. It's time consuming, and my time should be spent planning for activities, not wiping down headphones, scrubbing chairs, desks, spraying literally every surface, pulling books out, wiping shelves, etc. I just can't handle it!!

Anyway, so that's that. Being a teacher sure is fun!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Taking a break

I've been playing Super Mario Bros 3 all day today. I felt like trash this morning, so all previous engagements were canceled. (I thought canceled had 2 l's in it. weird...yet another word that doesn't follow the CVC rule) Anyway, I have been playing this blasted game all day today, and feel as though I have gotten no where. I started on about mid level 2, and am now on level 5, and have started over more times than I can count.

As you can see, I'm about dead again. I get through these boards with some kind of miracle and then throw all my guys away on some stupid stuff. So here I am, FREAKING out again, so I thought I'd take a break. This is all thanks to one of my students that said he was having trouble getting past a certain spot on his S.M.B3 game, and I was like- oh man, I want to play that!!!!! So here I am. I end up leaving my cpu on at night so that I don't have to start completely over.

Also keep in mind, I do have all 3 warp flutes, I just wanted to get a chance to actually play the game all the way through without using them. I'm not too sure how it's going though.

Part of me feels like I'm going to have a heart attack at any second. I don't kow how in the world we played these games when we were little- amazing!

Some good news though, is that my nausea seems to be waning- at least for the time being- I'd say it's been hanging around for 7-8 of the past 10 hours rather than a constant 10- so that's good, right?

How Pathetic! LOL

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Survey, survey, survey!

Drew's at the law school writing some dumb paper, so I'm stuck home, alone. Not even a pedi appt. set up! P.a.t.h.e.t.i.c. - So here's survey instead!

8 Things~~~

8 T.V. Shows that I like to watch

1. Grey's Anatomy- man, I have been SUCKED in

2. The Office - if you don't want this show, somethin is seriously wrong with you

3. Battlestart Galactica - I can't wait for this to start back up again, they keep teasing me!

4. King of the Hill - I don't watch this often, but listen to it quite a bit when Drew watches, and I find it pretty amusing.

5. Flip that House - is that even on anymore? We haven't had cable in a year and I miss it.

6. Good Eats - Alton Brown in my cooking hero

7. The Jetsons - I don't think they're on anymore, but I sure loved watching them.

8. I have others, too. :)

Favorite Restaurants:

1. India Palace - this is my favorite by default since there are only TWO Indian food places in Salem. I sure love me some of their lunch buffet though!

2. Fuji Rice Time - once again, by default. I don't know of any other acceptable sushi places anywhere near here.

3. McGrath's - I love their crab...mmmmm...!!!

4. Fathom's - Thank you Tamara for enlightening our eyes to this wonderful, brilliant, delicious place! LOVE IT!

5. Papa Johns - I know it isn't a place you go eat, but it's the best gosh darn pizza in the world!

6. Burgerville- hands down, best "fast food" EVAR!

7. Diary Queen - I really just like their Oreo Blizzard.


8 Things I did Today

1. Woke up- ate an egg and an english muffin

2. Whined to Drew that he doesn't really HAVE to work on his paper today.

3. Exercised

4. Cleaned the ENTIRE HOUSE!!!!! wooo! I haven't done that in probably almost 3 months.

5. Ate lunch

6. Blogged about my cool self

7. Played Mario Bros 3, got frustrated since I can't remember how to get the flute on level 1, board 3- even though my goal is to play every single level. :/

8. Chatted and texted

8 Things that I Look Forward To:

1. Not feeling sick

2. Drew working so we have some more money

3. Cutting my hair after K.'s wedding

4. Going to Hawaii- sort of- the packing part really blows

5. Longer days, not longer nights

6. Thanksgiving to see my niece! (and nephew...and I suppose their parents, too...) :)

7. Christmas Break

8. Being a mommy

8 Things on my Wishlist (now you get to see my greedy, worldly side)

1. Exact change in my pocket for everything I buy in an endless supply

2. A car- doesn't even have to be new!

3. To not have to work- stupid student loans

4. To be more easy going

5. To be able to travel where I want, and have someone else pack for me.

6. To have a house on the coast

7. To have a detached house- not a condo

8. a puppy!

News Update!

I started cleaning the house 6 hours ago, and am FINALLY finished. This place was a disaster, and I cleaned it ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL (except inside the fridge). I even filed papers and mopped under the bed and couches. I feel pretty accomplished. I also exercised! I guess maybe it only took 5 hours, cause I'm thinking that was an hour of it.

Anyway, just thought you'd like to know. That's my life of excitement and therapy session for the time being.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I sat at work today thinking and for some reason, old school chat programs popped up in my head. I sure loved those things. We got a computer that had internet when I was 14, and I think I chatted on there for quite a while, almost every single day. I met a lot of people on those chat programs, and I honestly don't think any of them were crazy old men. If they were, they did a pretty good job of it, I suppose.

The first one that I love loved was FreeTel. That thing was the BOMB! You could "call" people and they could choose to answer or not. You could also leave a "message" at the top of the screen if you wanted to say something personal, etc. It was so fun!!! My friends and I had such a good time talking on there. THat's where I learned about smilies! :)

The next one that I loved was Chat Box. Chat box was a java based chat on some webpage. We spent quite a lot of time there jumping between rooms. This was before Yahoo had it's chat rooms even!

THEN, the best of all: ICQ. I think by then, I might have even had my own computer, and boy did I spend a lot of time on there. The UH-OH sound still could turn my head if I heard it. My cousin had a bird and it learned how to say UH-OH exactly like ICQ cause it hung out right next to it. It was hilarious! I even remember my ICQ number. Too bad everyone has gotten rid of it, cause man, I sure had quite the list on there. I doubt I'd even remember anyone on there though.

A few years after, AIM came out with their chat programs, and MSN, and Yahoo. I still have my AIM and MSN account, but I don't think I get on Yahoo more than once a year. The people on my aim and msn are quite a short group of people now. I think most online chatting has been changed over to MySpace and Facebook. I do like those though.

It's amazing how much technology has changed and morphed in the past 10-12 years. I love technology!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Don't let me down

I have caught wind of some new pictures that have been posted from the Twilight movie. These include "Edward" with a 5 o'clock shadow in them. In my opinion, vampires should have no need to shave, since they are, in a sense, timeless. Therefore, should it be assumed that facial hair doesn't grow? Or does it? I'm guessing head hair grows, just because I'm guessing they change hair styles and if one day you decided to shave it all off, you should have the option of having it grow back, right? But facial hair....really? ----ok, and if I concede to them actually having to shave, how often do they have to shave? Can they grow a beard in a night if they feel like it? And definitely DO NOT get me started on their Laurent- vampires loose their skin pigmentation, how else are you supposed to figure out it's a vampire if they're still black? I mean, common! Be REALISTIC HERE!!!!! (at least powder the black guy up a bit, sheesh!- oh, and even in the book, it mentioned how Jasper was down in Texas/Mexico area and that there were these fair women, but had the facial complection of latinas, SOOOO, that proves right there that even if you are latino, you still lose the pigment- am I right, or am I right?)

AND is it just me, or does Bella looked cracked out? I'm worried this might deter from the actual film and make me frustrated. Thoughts?!

I sure hope it's not as corny as it has the potential to be. Please, please, please let it be a good movie!

In other news, Drew and I found this gigantic mushroom in our front yard today. I'll post pictures later. I'm way too sick feeling to get up and find the camera cord. So you'll just have to pretend you saw princess toadstool.

Speaking of Princess Toadstool, I found a nintendo emulator online last night. Drew calibrated the game controller so I could play with the controller rather than the keyboard keys. I found Super Mario Bros. 3 on there and have played for quite a while. I don't know how well I did when I was young, but I'd put bets on it being A LOT better than what I can do now. Part of it though, in favor of me, is that I have to use the swirly button thing rather than the d-pad to control it, so it is a bit on the looseygoosey side, so it IS harder to control. I got so fed up with world 7 pipe land that I ended up turing it off today. Bah. I'm glad it is around though! Now I just have to find the bomberman that was for the Super NES! OH, and Donkey Kong for that one, too!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I love these guys

I am all sorts of in the Christmas mood, ALREADY! I threw on the Pandora radio today with all sorts of Christmas music blaring through the house today. NOW I have to watch A Christmas Story.

My all time favoritest Christmas movie ever! I wish I had Ralphie's imagination- that would be rockin'. Well, that movie and ELF are quite close in ranks. I might have to watch that one too if I'm still awake when this is over.

Hooray for Christmas musics never ending supply!

Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm going to get this!

I found the raddest shirt today:

I think I need it. I don't even remember how much it is.

I got paid today. Yay! I love paychecks.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I know what I'M going to be for CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

This says it all right here:

And the Green and Red tights? Yeah, they're one size fits all for only $3.99!!!!!! BEST CHRISTMAS COSTUME, EVER!!! FORGET HALLOWEEEEEEN!!! Christmas is the new best thing!

Today, during fast meeting, some guy got up, explained his prostate cancer surgery, and then proceeded to explain how there was this big drift in the ward between the old people and the young people, and how he now has a greater appreciation for the ward in general now that his prostate has been removed. THAT my friends, is a Fast Meeting at its finest!

Do you like my pretty picture?

Friday, October 31, 2008

Ow, My Back Hurts!

Between jacked up sleeping patterns and these darn chairs from training all week, I have officially messed up my back. It just hurts! All I can think of is the Hot Pockets portion of Jim Gaffigan where he talks about eating Hot Pockets and his back hurting afterward. oh man, it is hilarious! I'll see if I can find it on YouTube......

Found it!

In other news, I'm watching Grey's Anatomy right now, and I cannot physically stomach seeing them cut open anything, and haven't been able to do so for the last 2 weeks. Oh it is just yucky.

I also don't think we're going to get any Trick-Or-Treaters tonight. That makes me a bit sad. What happened to the extreme trick or treating of going out at 6pm, and not coming home til 9pm with mounds, and mounds of candy, and seeing EVERYONE in the nieghborhood out and about. Have people and their houses really seriously gotten that scary? I"M NOT scary! Just a little bit spaz.

Drew says hi.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Blog Spew

I seem to get spurts of time on the computer, and find extremely random things to do while I'm online. Today I went to one of my favorite sites to oogle at wall decals. This website has Super Mario Bros. wall decals, so you can pretend you're in a VIDEO GAME!!!!

I want it so bad. I can't justify $75 on something like that though! Besides, where would I put such awesomeness?!!? Drew would NEVER let me put it in the bedroom! Treadmill's room? Nah....gotta leave that for the Fire Brigade!

I think eventually though, when we do have babies, I'll get the restickable decals of Alphabet Zoo!

Tonight, I drank a cup of apple cider, ate a cupcake, and had some whipping cream...ohohoh, and some cotton candy from Farmer's Market today. HAHAHA I feel all sugared up, and ready for bed! I'm going to go put the new sheets on the bed and snuggle in and watch some random movie til I pass out (I think Ratatouille is in there right now!)

**And remember, if it's clear and yella, you've got juice there fella, if it's tangy and brown, you're in cider town!**

I want to note that I made vanilla cuppycakes with vanilla icing, no sprinkles - tomorrow once theyve cooled, but not tonight, and no cherries. I just found the one with the cherry on top because it reminded me of Mr. Bean and how he had that cuppycake with the cherry on top and I like that episode a lot!

I also have this awesome cuppycake book on how to decorate them all crazy like. Maybe I'll post some pictures of that later.