Monday, December 15, 2008

Holy CRAP!- I feel so Sick (the cold kind)

I have turned into a wuss or something. I got called last night for none other than a SNOW DAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! So excited. So I was all excited for a day off of work. I struggled to get to sleep last night because I couldn't breathe so well to then wake up around 11pm, and then again at 4am. I wasn't as lucky at 4am, as I was at 11pm in getting back to sleep. I ended up tossing and turning in bed, hoping for a miracle to make me fall back asleep- it didn't come. (I absolutely loathe breathing out of my mouth, and the air was so cold, it just hurt, and I also have some kind of allergic reaction going on to something, so I had ripped up the roof of my mouth from agitation which just made matters worse).

So, at 5am, I got out of bed and came hobbling to the couch to hang out with my warm laptop. Blah, blah, blah, Drew finally wakes up, we eat breakfast, he studies, and I figured I'd at least walk on the treadmill cause in the past, walking would clear up my nose pretty well. Well, I forgot that when I'm this sick, it will only clear it up WHILE I'm walking, and there was no way I was walking alll day long.

So I then cleaned the bathroom, sent off Christmas presents and then got back on the computer cause I didn't have anything else to do. I eventually nodded off for maybe 45 minutes, and woke up coughing due to my mouth/nose being so dry and it just HURT!

My tolerance level for little things is not where it should be. I even pulled out the Dr. approved cough drops to try to help ease the sore throat- they'd help more if I could close my mouth long enough to let them do what they're supposed to do. :(

I guess today was a blessing in disguise- I can't imagine how miserable I would have been at work trying to struggle through this- especially with Drew having his last final today- I told him to take the car, so I would have potentially been stuck at work til 5pm, and we all know how whiney I can get when I don't want to be somewhere for long amounts of time. HAHAHA

In other, brighter news- the nausea is tapering off at a decent speed- HALLELUJAH! I just wish the bathroom necessity would follow suit a bit faster.

I also need to remind myself to ask Drew how to get to the Netflix portion on the Xbox so I can watch stories I know he isn't too interested in watching. I kind of miss having cable this past week- I think we're definitely going to have to cave and buy a dish by summer time- the cable out here sucks- so we have to be white trash too, and get a satellite dish.

OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY GOSH!!!!!!! Speaking of white trash, let me tell you a story. (I wish I had pictures of this) OK- it really took all I had to not call up DHS today and report this family. So as we all know, the roads are ICEY! Seriously bad. OK, so Drew and I are coming home from the post office adventure and we're all skidding up our hill to get home and we both realize there are 3 kids sledding down their driveway and into the street. Thankfully, Drew was able to maintain control on the car and we stopped while this 3 year old slid right in front of our car. So we wait for her to get back up the driveway, and as we're going ANOTHER KID STARTS SLIDING DOWN THE DRIVEWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two "adults" were hanging out in the garage like nothing DANGEROUS was going on. I WAS APPAULED! So then half hour later or so, Drew was driving into salem to take his final and he calls me up a few minutes after he leaves to tell me that he was driving by said house and waited for another kid to get out of the driveway, and then made eyecontact with an "adult" and saw that the guy was holding the sled at a 45 degree angle, which Drew assumed was to make sure that the kid didn't go down until Drew had left. So Drew starts driving to then see this "adult" PUSH the kid down the driveway- turns out, the 45 degree angle was to get more slide on the driveway, and almost hit the car if Drew hadn't sped up. Drew said that if I had been in the car, that there's no doubt in his mind that I would have gotten out and screamed at them- WHICH I WOULD HAVE. WHO DOES THAT?!?!?! I am so disgusted with that behavior that I'm almost ready to go put on my boots and coat and see if they're still doing it. What a terrible thing to do.


Tamara & Jonathan said...

Ya, so speaking of white trash, that's what they do in Dallas when they've got too many kids and not enough money. "Hey Marge, go tell the kids to sled into the road some more, we don't got enuff money for beer and cigs." Sorry Mads, I would have been hopping mad too. Seriously you should call the cops. That's horrible.

Madddddddy said...

I know, it's just disgusting.