Tuesday, December 30, 2008


At the top of Haleakala- apparently it is the steepest incline going from sea level to 10,000 feet in about 30 miles. It was also pretty cold up there.

Drew and I are watching a new show he's grown attached to and they have this little Pomeranian on it. Every time I see it, my heart just melts! My friend talked to me about potentially getting a dog here in the near future and I got totally jealous of that! BUT, then sit and think that a dog is so far off the radar for me that it's ridiculous to even think about it. Especially after watching Marley and Me. I just can't do it. Can't handle the emotional roller coaster once they get older. Crap, I have enough with Lexy as it is.

Anyway, back to reality. We got home from our trip on Sunday- no major issues at all! We even left 10 mins early, and got in 40 mins early because there was a great tail wind apparently. Awesome! Hawaii was great, but I sure love my house, too. I'm also thankful all that stupid ice/snow melted so we could actually get home in an hour rather than FOUR hours! WOO!

I have a week (well, not technically anymore) left of christmas break. HOORAY! The last couple days I have been a total bum. I did clean the house (including the fridge and oven) yesterday, but today, all I did was internetting and book reading. It was absolutely fantastic.

This was at the Maui Tropical Plantation. They had all sorts of plants- pineapples, sugar cane, coffee, coconuts, papaya, mangoes, macadamia nuts, star fruit trees, etc., etc., etc. - it was pretty cool. We got to see the guide husk a coconut. Did you know that there is no machine that can husk a coconut? They are all done by hand- and apparently, there is a woman that can husk a coconut by my teeth! EEK!

This salad looks great, right? Yeah, WRONG DONG KING KONG! I about barfed when I ate this thing. It was pretty pathetic that I had to drenched it in ranch to choke it down cause I was starving to death and thought I might die. (I had asked for the spices to be removed and to not have the regular dressing- they just sounded nasty, but apparently LIME was not part of the spices, so everything was drenches in lime juice. SICK!)

So tomorrow, I'm going to actually get up, get out of bed, go into work, make new lesson plans. BUT THEN my friends, THEN! I am going to go and buy that freakin awesome Michael Jackson jacket- ohhhh yes! My kid is going to be the coolest mofo out there! Let's just hope they're not a total blob so these things will fit when they say they will! hehehe (I probably just jinxed myself)


Shannon & Eli said...

Love the jacket!!! and i am with you with lime on my salad...yuck!

rachaelhubbard said...

Make sure you buy one single glove to go with the jacket! ;)

You are cute about the doggies... maybe next year?? Is your yard fenced in there?? Sorry for talking about it!!! :(

Also? You are SO GOOD for going into work on your vacation!

Maddy said...

Oh don't feel bad Rachael!! I don't mind you talking about it- it's fair game, rigth?! :D I am going to go look for a shiney silver glove!!! PERFECT!

Shel and Rick said...

Did they have the coats for you to wear up top? Just think...the BASE of Snowbird is about 10,000 feet above sea level!

Maddy said...

No, we had our own coats. But even if the BASE of Snowbird is 10,000 the salt lake valley is at ~5,000, so the altitude change isn't as severe as when you go from being used to sea level to 10,000. It'd be like going to 15,000, but I don't know how high up say like the tram mountain goes.