Tuesday, December 16, 2008


We have another snow day today! HOORAY! I'm serious though, these 2 days have been like a life saving miracle. I have slept so poorly the past 3 nights that it's a miracle I'm even coherent today. This cold is really doing a number on me.

So this morning, I realized that our big block bird feeder is empty. They ate like half that thing in 2 days! We'll have to go pick up another few of them at Lowe's tomorrow after the dr. appointment. Anyway, since they hate the other bird feeder, I ended up throwing bird seed all over the ground this morning. There were TONS of birds out there. I love this house for that reason only. We have also acquired a WOODPECKER! Can you believe it!? I wanted to take a picture of them today, but by the time I got the camera, they had left again. It has such a pretty red head- so cool!

I'm not sure what to do today. Part of me feels this twinge of obligation to go into work today just to see what needs to be done, but the other part of me says, meh.

I also should tidy up the house so it isn't so yucky when we get home, but once again, I am in a meh frame of mind on that one, too.

I should put together a list of things we need to pack so I don't forget anything. I also need to call the insurance company and hospital to get some information there as well- yet here I am, procrastinating like there's no tomorrow.

I DID however get my exercising in for the day! I sat and contemplated (while I read Brisingr, because for some reason, I find this one boring)- about how in the world I am expected to drink 10 glasses of water, plus extra for being sick a day? I barely get through one nalgene, let alone TWO of them. Does milk count? Does kool-aid count? Does orange juice count? Alls I'm saying is I feel water logged and I've only had 2 cups of water. HAHAHAHA

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Thayer & Associates said...

That is so Fun I love the snow days.. But the house is such a mess from my little angels