Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry For Realsies Christmas!!!

Wowee, what a day! - and really, it was over at 1pm! For Drew's and my Christmas present, we went to Molokini (nature preserve and cinder cone half eaten away)- anyway, so we go out there, and jump off the boat and had NO IDEA how deep it'd be. Holy CRAP! It took me a couple minutes to catch my breath and make sure I wasn't going to die. I was amazed at how clear the water was, and how deep it was. Only downside was, was that Drew noticed a leak in our waterproof case near the end. I was prety ticked because we hadn't even gotten to turtle town yet! So, we have pictures of *some* of the fish in the nature preserve, but not of the turtles! That was the only thing I wanted pictures of!

Anyway, so after Molokini, we did boat over to Turtle Town- fun name, right? We were able to see a few turtles moseying along like they didn't have a care in the world. When Drew and I got off the boat, we were both amazed at the animation skills of Pixar for making the Nemo turtles so realistic- what great programmers! That was pretty freakin sweet though!

OH! We also saw a pod of bottlenosed dolphins on our way out to Molokini, and we saw a large humpback whale on our way out as well (didn't have the camera handy on that one), and a baby humpback whale playing in the water on our way back to the dock. THAT was awesome, too! All my favorite things in like 4 hours! AMAZING!

So we came back, rinsed off, and were going to head up to the volcano again, but I was feeling pretty queesey still that we decided to take it easy. So, we've been watching The Christmas Story, Housewives of Orange County, and E top (whatever) countdowns! It's amazing how entertaining TV can be when you haven't watched it in a year! AND how much junk is on TV, TOO!

So, tomorrow, I think we'll definitely head up to the volcano (weather permitting- I don't want to drive up that thing if it's pouring rain), and we might head to another state park- don't remember it's name though. I guess it depends on how late we stay in, and if we go snorkeling in the morning.

Also, we have temporarily adopted a vacation cat. I am surprised at how many stray cats there are. There was a kitty handing out on the patio today, so we fed it some roast beef. It then decided to take a nap on our towels hanging out to dry on the chairs. Kitty won't let us pet him though!

OK, now for some pictures!

These were some cool fish, they were pretty big too- we had barely gotten in the water and the waterproof case stopped working- bummer!

That was Molokini crater where we snorkeled, it's bigger up close. I think there's a bottlenosed dolphin in one of these pictures. I'm going to have to go through and edit and blow up on my computer at home since Drew doesnt have them on his.

Our adopted cat- I can't find him now. I named him Skipperdee

Ok, far away, near the horizon, under the cloud there is a whale fin. Once again, I need to edit and blow up.

I'm shocked we didn't get burnt! We had to hang out on the back on the way back because the water was so turbulent, I couldn't handle sitting down. Drew is embarassed at his nakedness, but I told him it was ok cause you can't see his boobies. teeheehee ;) - Drew says he has great pecks, but that you'll have to use your imagination. :-O

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