Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Well, Oregon, you did your part- thank you very much! It cleared up enough for us to get out of Portland- we were given highest priority to leave and there were 4 planes just sitting around waiting for us to take off before we left- yay! Thanks to those patient people on those other planes so we could leave!

So since we've been here 2 days, I have some fun pictures to share. I have tons and tons of them, but these are some of my favorites so far. Yesterday, we just played in the water, rented our snorkeling gear, and just chilled. Today, we went snorkeling this morning, checked out the surfers and wind surfers on the other side of the island and drove to Hana. Note to others- drive to Hana, if you live in Oregon= definitely not worth it. You get the same greenery love going from Salem to Lincoln city, with a less windy road. Yeah, it's pretty, but not what I had anticipated. Still pretty though. :) Oh, we also drove to the last lava flow Maui has had (back in the late 1700's- 1790?)- anyway, that was pretty neato.

Tomorrow, for Christmas, we're going to head to Molokini island to go snorkel and check out the fishies there.

This was actually on the road to Hana (jeans were worn because I thought we were going to go up to the volcano, but it was raining too much, so we chose this activity instead)- anyway, there were over 30+ wild chickens and 20+ wild cats hanging out at this restroom stop! They really liked cheetos. You could tell which chickens hadn't had any Cheetos yet, cause they didn't have Cheeto Cheese on their beaks!

This was underwater- Drew takes great underwater pictures. I didn't realize that coral crackled under the water- so cool!

Some pretty cool fish. I'm having a hard time finding the squid picture.

Pretty sunset picture

Well, if you made it this far- good job! I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas! I'll be thinking of you allll!!!


Tamara & Jonathan said...

O Maddy, one of the many, many reasons I love you is that you take pictures of you feeding chickens... in Hawaii. And photos of little kitties sticking their dang cute little heads out of trash cans. Yes, I made it all the way thru all the snapfish photos. I also am a chicken feeder. My first photos of my first trip to Hawaii in June were of a mama chicken and her cute little baby chickies at the rental car place. And as Jonathan will tell you any day, I speak fluent Duck. Oh, but if you don't WANT your Lexi kitty to die sooner than she otherwise would... be careful about chicken bones. They splinter and can kill dogs and cats. But since she's the devil she probably outsmarted them rotten ol bones! Glad you guys are home-- you need to come over and play games and ask Jonathan a million questions!

Maddy said...

How can you NOT take pictures of chickens?! I mean seriously, they're wild! I wanna see your mama chicken pictures! awesome!!!!!!! I honestly was a bit pissed at her for grabbing that bone- I scolded her, although she was sleeping at the time. Thankfully is was a drumstick, so it could have been worse I suppose? We do need to come over soon!