Sunday, December 7, 2008


I wasted my afternoon filming footage of our cat playing like she's never played before. I was so proud of it, and I go looking for the USB connector (cause I often misplace it)- so I give up and ask Drew where it is. He said he left it at work. DANGIT!!!! So, for all my Lexy- The Devil fans out there, you're going to have to wait til tomorrow or Tuesday before you get the awesome footage of her attacking a paper ball. Mmmhmm...this is what I spend my time doing.

I fell asleep reading Hunger Games again today. I am loving that book but can't for the life of me stay awake. I don't know what the deal is. So I took an hour long nap- which was nice, but I got so warm that I had to get up. Drew is still in there snoozin.

Alright, time to eat- cause I haven't eaten in like an hour and that's just killing me. ugh...

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Julia said...

congrats on the bun in the oven!!