Sunday, December 14, 2008


It snowed last night and is continuing to snow. Let me explain Oregon snow to all my lovely Utah counter parts. I laugh at the term "snow" up here because a fine dusting to me, is NOT snow. But in Oregon- it's a flippin blizzard. Not only is it a blizzard, but hands down 300 times SCARIER to drive in. Why you say? Because. Normally it rains first, and over the night, it turns to snow. When this happens, it leaves a nice layer of ice covering the ground, then you add snow to it, and it becomes not just slippery my friends, but a death trap waiting to happen. I would MUCH rather drive in 12 inches of Utah snow than even a minuscule amount of Oregon "snow". So, I have some pictures. There's no way church will be had today. That hill we have to drive up would be a death trap of terror!

This was from the back patio door

Another view of the patio

Of the front yard- the big images I had uploaded on a different server, and the smaller ones are uploaded from blogger. Weird how they shrink it so much.

I also had some other photos on the camera so I thought I'd share some of those. OH and a movie of Lexy- let me find it!

This is the giant mushroom we found in our yard a bit ago. I think someone took it cause it was gone the next day.

This is my new favorite beach spot, other than Neskowin. There's barely anyone ever there and ample parking. LOVE IT

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