Sunday, June 28, 2009

Princess Unicorn Rainbow!


Princess Unicorn Rainbow!!!!
aka Elisabeth Drew Jackson

Born June 21st at 10:28pm (Father's Day BTW!)
Weighing in at 8lbs 6ounces
Stretching 1'9" long(aka21")
6.5 hours of labor, 11 minutes of pushing (I'm aware of how very lucky I got, and I thanked my grandma in heaven for wonderful pelvic structure at that point!)
and most importantly of all- Screaming bloody murder from the start!

So, after being alive for 1 week, we have successfully kept her alive! I never knew what psychotic protective mannerisms were brewing inside of me!!! I can't believe in just a matter of days, I have fallen completely, head over heels in love with her! She seems so sweet and even when she's all sorts of plugged up cause her mommy can't produce enough milk, she tries her absolute hardest to not complain too much! She is just so lovable!

Here's some pictures to enjoy, cause that's all anyone wants anyway! I'll upload some more from the past couple of days later on.

Proud daddy with his little girl

My BFF with Elisabeth

Relaxin in her first bath

Realizing the first car ride home might not be terrible. I absolutely love her eyes in this one (she screamed the whole way home!)

Sucking her thumb! Taken on the camera on the phone, so not the best quality

You can't see it super well unless it's big, but she's quite the glutton and had milk all around her mouth. It made me laugh!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Farmers market, Up, Jarbs

Drew and I had a pretty fun day today. We went to Farmer's Market and picked up a half flat of strawberries and raspberries. Last year, I didn't think that the strawberries were as "to die for" as people raved about. BUT we also only went about the first week of June, and by the time we got back from Mexico, they were all gone. So, I guess I didn't get a good enough feel for them as a normal Oregonian would.

I realized yesterday that YESTERDAY was the 1 year anniversary of flying down to Mexico. Even mentioning it to Drew gave me butterflies in my stomach. I am so thankful for that experience, BUT I'm also thankful I will never have to re-live it again...ever!!!

So back to my strawberries. These strawberries were to die for!!! I think Drew and I have already eaten about half of them. We smooshed the rest of them up to make strawberry goodness for strawberry shortcake. I can't believe I was able to stuff so many down my throat in one day! They are absolutely the best strawberries I have ever tasted in my life! HANDS DOWN! These things are little, but they are this beautiful red through and through. No pithy white stuff in the middle, no holes because they've had so much genetic engineering to make them huge- they are absolutely perfect!

One of our friends was talking about how their 2 year old had eaten so many strawberries that they had mass blow-out and ended up ruining 3 outfits!!! hahahaha!!! I have a bad feeling about that one. Let's just hope that this extremely smooshed digestive system of mine doesn't do the same thing!

We also got some raspberries, but I realized I have a harder time eating those. I used to eat all the raspberries off the raspberry bushes in my mom's back yard, but when you have 3 pints of them to eat, it gets a bit overwhelming. Since they're so ripe too, I need to get them eaten, or used up quickly. Jam was suggested by a couple of different people, and I may have to do that, but I'm going to see how many Drew and I can eat tomorrow before ruining such beautiful berries!

So after farmer's market and swooning over people's adorable doggies, we went and saw Up. It was a pretty cute movie.

It wasn't what I expected, and with so many people raving about how great it was, I think I was a little disappointed in what it could have been. I absolutely love Pixar movies, and the creativity, but I found myself getting bored. I loved the dogs in it, and the little boy, but otherwise, I would have given it an OK. The beginning made me almost want to cry, too, and that's no good. I don't want to have to cry at the BEGINNING of a movie! At least wait til the end!

And for great news- I got a call on Thursday letting me know I got my job back. I didn't get my exact position back, and I knew regardless of what the position was, I was going to have to move schools because they are changing the way the elementary schools are structured. Anyway, I was given a choice between full or half time in different grade levels, and after talking to other teachers, and Drew- we decided that half time was going to be best.

I don't consider myself a home body, and I know people insist that that'll change once I have a baby, but with depression weighing so heavily on me, and knowing that I thrive on being able to accomplish something every day, I felt that I couldn't afford NOT to work at least half time. I figured the half time would give me the opportunity to stay home with our little girl more during major milestones in her life, but also give me a chance to socialize and feel like I'm doing something good for the world. I really do feel like it's the best decision. And in a year, people will be retiring, so I'll be able to get a full time position the following year if I'd like it- which to me, seems very ideal.

And last but not least- please pray that this little girl greets us this weekend. I am so done with this pregnancy and all it entails. I'd like to conquer something bigger and better now.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Nothing has happened. Nothing WILL happen. I'm doomed. I'm going to be like that 92 year old women that was pregnant for 60 years cause she miscarried and her body never disposed of it. ....gosh, that was kind of morbid.... I wonder if that story is even true?!

Anyway, lots of fake lamer contractions- like all day, every day- 5 mins apart, never getting worse. It's pretty bad when you sit and wish that at least once, they'd hurt cause you know SOMETHING is happening.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Voodoo Doughnuts

We had to pick up Drew's brother from the airport this morning, and when we were up there a week or so ago- I had wanted to go to Voodoo Doughnut, but it was getting late- so we decided to go today instead.

Let me tells you about it.

So, we go in, it's quite fun looking- they had old school desk+chairs to sit in to eat your doughnuts, but most everyone took them to go. Drew and I had to wait in line for about 20 minutes, but everyone seemed so happy that neither of us minded too much.

We decided on a voodoo dozen since we didn't know what to get exactly, and they put some of the fancy doughnuts in there along with regular kinds. These were our fancy doughnuts:

This purply one has purple pixie powder type stuff on it- it was actually really weird, but really good

We got a Cap'n crunch doughnut, and one with Oreo crumbs on it.

So of all the doughnuts we sampled, I think my favorite was just the regular glazed and the purple one. The others weren't very impressive. They used generic Cap'n Crunch which I was very disappointed in. That was the WHOLE reason for going. And let me tell you! There is a very distinct difference between fake cap'ns, and REAL cap'ns...there really is no comparison. So I was extremely bummed about that. I think I would have been better off getting like a maple bar at Safeway and stuffing cap'ns in my mouth at the same time to get the same effect-but even more delicious cause it would have been maple icing rather than white! Hahahaha!

I know some people rave about the place, and honestly, I can see where they get it. There aren't a whole lot of doughnut shops that have such a fun atmosphere, and such creative doughnut types. The problem is, is that I don't care about the creativity so much as the deliciousness of the doughnut.

I guess if you're vegan, this place would be nice for a treat since they had several vegan doughnuts. But I got to thinking, wouldn't most doughnuts be vegan if they don't have eggs in them? Isn't it just some kind of flour, sugar, oil, fried in some kind of vegetable/nut oil, and icing is just sugar and what nots. It'd be pretty easy I think?

All this place did, was make me miss Tasty's down in Utah so much more. Now THAT place has delicious doughnuts!

Friday, June 12, 2009


I just thought I'd update.
  • 10 days left
  • 17 MAX
  • I feel like I'm going to explode
  • My body likes to retain water
  • I have no energy
  • I am deathly bored- but scared to death of reasons NOT to be bored
  • I can't believe I thought this would be a good idea
And sorry, I don't have any pictures. :/ I'm a lamer. :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

I think I'll take pictures tomorrow

Well, today was the day. I am now officially unemployed. It could only be for 24 hours, but as of right now, I am a lazy bum and I'm ok with that. :) I still have paychecks for the summer and health insurance through September, so worse comes to worse, I'm covered for a while.

I didn't sleep last night for maybe more than an hour tops. I came home after cleaning up my "former" classroom and running some errands, went and lied down on the bed to finish up a book and literally passed out. I'm glad I set my alarm on my phone to go get Drew cause I would have totally slept too long.

Anyway, I went to the doctor today. Nothing too new. I am however 1/10th of the way there! Let's hope that number gets bigger this week. I also made sure he won't go past a week before inducing. I don't think I could honestly handle this heartburn that much longer. I'd shoot someone.

I'm home tomorrow with not much to do other than clean the house and read, so maybe I'll take some random pictures to post on here since I've been slacking on that a lot lately.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

18 days! and immature parenting skillz

I checked on my little ticker, cause I can't be bothered to remember anything lately, and it says there are 18 days left for the sweet little monster to make her appearance. I hoped and prayed that I'd at least make it through noon today without incident, and I did it.

SOOOOooOoOoOooo....with that being said, any day now would be fine! Even to just drop and get off my stomach would be nice. But since she's a typical spawn of me, I'm sure nothing will go smoothly. She'll probably set up camp for an extra week or's not like I'm stubborn or anything. ;)

Speaking of people being stubborn, I saw this thing on MTV last night and had to change the channel after about 3 minutes cause I was so disgusted. This girl had had way too young (she was 21, and I think her baby was almost 2). So anyway, single mom, uneducated, and living at home. She was all complaining because she didn't have enough money to move out on her own and that she was living at home in attempts of saving money TO move out. Now I think that's great and all, but the problem is, is that this woman had no idea how to take care of a child. She was getting mad at her daughter for getting upset about putting on clothes.

All I could think of was---uhm...hello!?!?! I don't know any child that age that likes to wear clothes, let alone shoes! COMMON! So then, later, they were at dinner for this "lady's" 21st birthday and she was going to get her drink on, etc. So she ends up getting mad at her daughter for not sitting still in her highchair. She then was whining at her kid to get up and walk on their way to the car afterward. I was so appauled by this point that I had to change the channel.

I felt so horrible for that little girl and the inexperienced parenting her mom was providing her. I just wanted to take her away and tell her that she was a good kid and that her mom's behavior was completely immature and insensitive. It makes me sad that people can act like that and treat their children that way. It's not fair! No wonder so many kids come to school with such issues.

Oh, and P.S.- If you have kids and they don't read so good (hahahahaha) don't tell them that! I had some parents tell their child they couldn't read at the beginning of the year, and it took an entire year to convince them otherwise. The kid had such low self-esteem from it that it made me angry. Just praise them on what they do do well- like recognizing certain words or phrases!!! Parents give me angry eyes!