Sunday, June 28, 2009

Princess Unicorn Rainbow!


Princess Unicorn Rainbow!!!!
aka Elisabeth Drew Jackson

Born June 21st at 10:28pm (Father's Day BTW!)
Weighing in at 8lbs 6ounces
Stretching 1'9" long(aka21")
6.5 hours of labor, 11 minutes of pushing (I'm aware of how very lucky I got, and I thanked my grandma in heaven for wonderful pelvic structure at that point!)
and most importantly of all- Screaming bloody murder from the start!

So, after being alive for 1 week, we have successfully kept her alive! I never knew what psychotic protective mannerisms were brewing inside of me!!! I can't believe in just a matter of days, I have fallen completely, head over heels in love with her! She seems so sweet and even when she's all sorts of plugged up cause her mommy can't produce enough milk, she tries her absolute hardest to not complain too much! She is just so lovable!

Here's some pictures to enjoy, cause that's all anyone wants anyway! I'll upload some more from the past couple of days later on.

Proud daddy with his little girl

My BFF with Elisabeth

Relaxin in her first bath

Realizing the first car ride home might not be terrible. I absolutely love her eyes in this one (she screamed the whole way home!)

Sucking her thumb! Taken on the camera on the phone, so not the best quality

You can't see it super well unless it's big, but she's quite the glutton and had milk all around her mouth. It made me laugh!


Rachael said...

Oh how I loves my Princess Unicorn Rainbow!!!! Hehehehhe! :) Of COURSE all we want is pictures.... well and to hold her, but pictures are easier than arranging that! ;) She is so cute. I am glad she is lovable... but how could she not be?!

Brammer Family said...

Oh Wow! She is so beautiful! It looks like she's starting out as a chub! LOVE THE CHUB! Wish I could squeeze her! :)

I'm so glad Elizabeth (love the name by the way) made it here safely and that you're all doin' ok!

Can't wait for more pictures!

Anonymous said...

She is a doll...and how fun to's amazing the feelings you have for them isn't it...It's like thay have always been's just undescribable...she is gorgeous...and what an awesome father's day present you gave to drew...his first baby girl...and ps... Awesome time you might rival me...LOL

Jocelyn said...

How precious! I had been waiting and waiting for some pictures, but I understand your whole life has changed in a blink of an eye (or 11 minutes, shall we say?). Enjoy as much as you can and sleep as much as you can. This doesn't last long.

Evie Wonder said...

She is adorable!

Tamara and Jonathan said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!! We are SO HAPPY to hear the news!!! I laughed at the "psychotic protective mannerisms" part... oh, yes... it's so true what the commercial says "everything changes when you have a baby." She is BEEEautiful and so stinking cute! I can see both you and Drew in her. And we love the name!! Kizi especially is a big fan of her first name since it's also Kizi's middle name (only with a z, but I LOVE it with an "s" it's much sweeter and softer somehow). We are SUPER excited to see her and hear more about her!! And congrats on the part-time job thing-- I totally hear you about the depression and something external to do to sort of keep you motivated and socialized. That totally seems like a great idea. Well, we love you guys! Maybe come and see us on the 4th?? Call me when you feel like it-- I don't want to call and wake anyone up! :)

Julia said...

She is really a beautiful baby! And I'm not just saying that. She really is! Good job! :)