Sunday, June 14, 2009

Voodoo Doughnuts

We had to pick up Drew's brother from the airport this morning, and when we were up there a week or so ago- I had wanted to go to Voodoo Doughnut, but it was getting late- so we decided to go today instead.

Let me tells you about it.

So, we go in, it's quite fun looking- they had old school desk+chairs to sit in to eat your doughnuts, but most everyone took them to go. Drew and I had to wait in line for about 20 minutes, but everyone seemed so happy that neither of us minded too much.

We decided on a voodoo dozen since we didn't know what to get exactly, and they put some of the fancy doughnuts in there along with regular kinds. These were our fancy doughnuts:

This purply one has purple pixie powder type stuff on it- it was actually really weird, but really good

We got a Cap'n crunch doughnut, and one with Oreo crumbs on it.

So of all the doughnuts we sampled, I think my favorite was just the regular glazed and the purple one. The others weren't very impressive. They used generic Cap'n Crunch which I was very disappointed in. That was the WHOLE reason for going. And let me tell you! There is a very distinct difference between fake cap'ns, and REAL cap'ns...there really is no comparison. So I was extremely bummed about that. I think I would have been better off getting like a maple bar at Safeway and stuffing cap'ns in my mouth at the same time to get the same effect-but even more delicious cause it would have been maple icing rather than white! Hahahaha!

I know some people rave about the place, and honestly, I can see where they get it. There aren't a whole lot of doughnut shops that have such a fun atmosphere, and such creative doughnut types. The problem is, is that I don't care about the creativity so much as the deliciousness of the doughnut.

I guess if you're vegan, this place would be nice for a treat since they had several vegan doughnuts. But I got to thinking, wouldn't most doughnuts be vegan if they don't have eggs in them? Isn't it just some kind of flour, sugar, oil, fried in some kind of vegetable/nut oil, and icing is just sugar and what nots. It'd be pretty easy I think?

All this place did, was make me miss Tasty's down in Utah so much more. Now THAT place has delicious doughnuts!


Shel said...

Tasty's in the hood is closed!!! There might be one still open in Layton but not sure. There is a new place called Beyond the Glaze. They are good but they aren't Tasty's double blueberry.
There is also a place by my work, when you are here I will grab some for you as they are mighty fine too.

Maddy said...

I noes!!!!! I know there's one in Kaysville- we went there on the way up to Jimmy's graduation last year. I still miss them and their potato goodness!

Thayer & Associates said...

Oh Voodoo Doughnuts! That's one of the thing I miss about living in Portland. But just one.