Thursday, June 4, 2009

18 days! and immature parenting skillz

I checked on my little ticker, cause I can't be bothered to remember anything lately, and it says there are 18 days left for the sweet little monster to make her appearance. I hoped and prayed that I'd at least make it through noon today without incident, and I did it.

SOOOOooOoOoOooo....with that being said, any day now would be fine! Even to just drop and get off my stomach would be nice. But since she's a typical spawn of me, I'm sure nothing will go smoothly. She'll probably set up camp for an extra week or's not like I'm stubborn or anything. ;)

Speaking of people being stubborn, I saw this thing on MTV last night and had to change the channel after about 3 minutes cause I was so disgusted. This girl had had way too young (she was 21, and I think her baby was almost 2). So anyway, single mom, uneducated, and living at home. She was all complaining because she didn't have enough money to move out on her own and that she was living at home in attempts of saving money TO move out. Now I think that's great and all, but the problem is, is that this woman had no idea how to take care of a child. She was getting mad at her daughter for getting upset about putting on clothes.

All I could think of was---uhm...hello!?!?! I don't know any child that age that likes to wear clothes, let alone shoes! COMMON! So then, later, they were at dinner for this "lady's" 21st birthday and she was going to get her drink on, etc. So she ends up getting mad at her daughter for not sitting still in her highchair. She then was whining at her kid to get up and walk on their way to the car afterward. I was so appauled by this point that I had to change the channel.

I felt so horrible for that little girl and the inexperienced parenting her mom was providing her. I just wanted to take her away and tell her that she was a good kid and that her mom's behavior was completely immature and insensitive. It makes me sad that people can act like that and treat their children that way. It's not fair! No wonder so many kids come to school with such issues.

Oh, and P.S.- If you have kids and they don't read so good (hahahahaha) don't tell them that! I had some parents tell their child they couldn't read at the beginning of the year, and it took an entire year to convince them otherwise. The kid had such low self-esteem from it that it made me angry. Just praise them on what they do do well- like recognizing certain words or phrases!!! Parents give me angry eyes!