Saturday, June 20, 2009

Farmers market, Up, Jarbs

Drew and I had a pretty fun day today. We went to Farmer's Market and picked up a half flat of strawberries and raspberries. Last year, I didn't think that the strawberries were as "to die for" as people raved about. BUT we also only went about the first week of June, and by the time we got back from Mexico, they were all gone. So, I guess I didn't get a good enough feel for them as a normal Oregonian would.

I realized yesterday that YESTERDAY was the 1 year anniversary of flying down to Mexico. Even mentioning it to Drew gave me butterflies in my stomach. I am so thankful for that experience, BUT I'm also thankful I will never have to re-live it again...ever!!!

So back to my strawberries. These strawberries were to die for!!! I think Drew and I have already eaten about half of them. We smooshed the rest of them up to make strawberry goodness for strawberry shortcake. I can't believe I was able to stuff so many down my throat in one day! They are absolutely the best strawberries I have ever tasted in my life! HANDS DOWN! These things are little, but they are this beautiful red through and through. No pithy white stuff in the middle, no holes because they've had so much genetic engineering to make them huge- they are absolutely perfect!

One of our friends was talking about how their 2 year old had eaten so many strawberries that they had mass blow-out and ended up ruining 3 outfits!!! hahahaha!!! I have a bad feeling about that one. Let's just hope that this extremely smooshed digestive system of mine doesn't do the same thing!

We also got some raspberries, but I realized I have a harder time eating those. I used to eat all the raspberries off the raspberry bushes in my mom's back yard, but when you have 3 pints of them to eat, it gets a bit overwhelming. Since they're so ripe too, I need to get them eaten, or used up quickly. Jam was suggested by a couple of different people, and I may have to do that, but I'm going to see how many Drew and I can eat tomorrow before ruining such beautiful berries!

So after farmer's market and swooning over people's adorable doggies, we went and saw Up. It was a pretty cute movie.

It wasn't what I expected, and with so many people raving about how great it was, I think I was a little disappointed in what it could have been. I absolutely love Pixar movies, and the creativity, but I found myself getting bored. I loved the dogs in it, and the little boy, but otherwise, I would have given it an OK. The beginning made me almost want to cry, too, and that's no good. I don't want to have to cry at the BEGINNING of a movie! At least wait til the end!

And for great news- I got a call on Thursday letting me know I got my job back. I didn't get my exact position back, and I knew regardless of what the position was, I was going to have to move schools because they are changing the way the elementary schools are structured. Anyway, I was given a choice between full or half time in different grade levels, and after talking to other teachers, and Drew- we decided that half time was going to be best.

I don't consider myself a home body, and I know people insist that that'll change once I have a baby, but with depression weighing so heavily on me, and knowing that I thrive on being able to accomplish something every day, I felt that I couldn't afford NOT to work at least half time. I figured the half time would give me the opportunity to stay home with our little girl more during major milestones in her life, but also give me a chance to socialize and feel like I'm doing something good for the world. I really do feel like it's the best decision. And in a year, people will be retiring, so I'll be able to get a full time position the following year if I'd like it- which to me, seems very ideal.

And last but not least- please pray that this little girl greets us this weekend. I am so done with this pregnancy and all it entails. I'd like to conquer something bigger and better now.


Shel said...

Just watch, you will go into labor tonight and end up having a big ol blow out once you are on the table and have your epidural. hahaha At least you won't have to clean it up!

I am glad to hear of your review of UP. I have had no desire to see it, even with people saying it is good. I just doesn't look that good to me.

I would like some Oregon strawberries. They sound delicious!

Amie said...

Maddy, I'm so glad that you got your job back. I think you will really love working half time. A good friend of mine has worked as a teacher half time since her baby was one and she loves the balance of both. I hope your little one greets you soon!