Tuesday, September 27, 2011

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It's about the zoo :)

Holy Corn!

I don't think I've ever eaten this much corn.  In fact, most of it has ended up in the freezer for winter time. :)

We got: 8 ears of corn, heirloom tomatoes, gala apples, sweet italian peppers, watermelon, spinach, french petite plums (I've never had these before, but they are SO good- I highly recommend them!), romano beans, and nicola potatoes. 

We've also gotten quite a variety of potatoes this year.  It's a good thing they store well cause we haven't gone through a ton of them.  We haven't even touched our watermelon from last week.  Guess I better stop buying all the nectarines and peaches from Costco so we can eat what we get here. :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

CSA Week 17!

Man, when I thought we got a lot last week, this week trumps it!

We got: watermelon, spinach, cherry tomatoes, corn, carrots, cucumbers, potatoes


Apparently we were supposed to also get some heirloom tomatoes, but our box was left out or something.  I'll have to let them know! (not like we're hurting for tomatoes though. hahaha)

I also updated the family blog over here

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New posting!

New blog update- wow 2 in a week, I'm on a roll!

CSA Week 16!

Holy motherload of produce!!! Wowee!

We got spinach, gala apples, cantaloupe, carrots, cherry tomatoes, sweet girl tomatoes, corn, romano beans aaand cucumbers!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Post

Here it is!

CSA Week 15!

We got quite a bit this week! Drew traded out some blackberries for more cucumbers since we aren't big fans of blackberries (maybe he was sick of getting them in his lunch :) ) so we got: sweet girl tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, gala apples, cucumbers, romano beans, lettuce, onion, 8 ears of corn!, and strawberries. I wish it wasn't so hot so cooking some of this stuff wouldn't be a big deal. ah well :)