Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Time!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Trend

I've read a little too much overshare of others lately as well as articles about why some people choose not to post pictures of their children online.  I know there are people who read and follow my blog, and I'm perfectly happy with that.  However, I think I'm going to feel more comfortable knowing WHO is looking at pictures of my family.  Over the next couple of weeks (when I have some time) I'm going to set up a different blog address so that I can continue my blog there privately.  If I want to post something non-family related i.e. cake decorating or the like, I'll make sure to post it here as well.  I know there are a few people I will put on my approved list without them telling me to put them on there, but if I don't necessarily know who you are, or maybe your email isn't on facebook, or I don't email you often, will you please shoot me an email so I can put you on my list? (

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dear Elisabeth

Dear Elisabeth,

I know I tell you every single day how much I love you. Today however, I got to see a different little girl than I've ever seen before, and I am very excited. We got the chance to play with some of our friend's children while they attended the temple.  They have a little boy who is 9 months younger than you.  You were amazing with him.  You played like a typical little almost 2 year old, it was hard for you to share.  It was difficult to watch other people play with your toys, even though you haven't played with them for months.  But as the evening went on, you became a little more comfortable with it.

You wanted to show your little friend how you could do different things, you sang songs to him, and helped him get things from shelves.  You shared your food with him, and helped him drink his milk...along with sharing it, and "showing" him how to do it on his own.  You wanted to push him on your little car, and help him put things in his mouth (whether it was what he was supposed to have, or not).  I also loved how you wanted to eat what he was eating.  If he thought it was good, you thought it was too.

I realized today how big you are getting.  You will always be my little baby, but I realized today how much you have grown and I realized how incredibly intelligent you are.  You are so kind, caring, loving, friendly, and happy.  I love that you are so social, and love being around others.

Someday when your Mama is ready for another baby, you are going to make such an incredible big sister.  You are going to take such good care of them.  You get so concerned for the well being of others.  I'm so glad you came into our family, and bless us with your presence daily.  Thank you so much for being my beautiful little princess.  Your Mama and Papa are very grateful to have you.

Your Mama <3

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Today was a little overwhelming for me. I forgot to load up some stuff in Drew's car to take to work so he could give it to someone who had bought it on craigslist. We changed the locks on our doors but only have 1 key, so he had to drive back into dallas, get the key from me, pick the stuff up and head back to work. I had a dentist appt. and picked E up early. Drew's meeting got out late, so I was late to the dentist. I ended up sitting and waiting 30 mins anyway cause there was a screaming kid in the back (they had been eating sun chips and lodged a piece underneath a loose tooth)-whiner.  So it took 1.5 hours instead of the normal 30 minutes. Ridiculous! E had a blowout at Drew's office (the ONLY time she hasn't had a diaper and wipes there....because i was rushing and needed to leave).

It doesn't stop there.  I forgot E's medicine at the sitters, had to call them up and go back and get it.  A guy was coming to pick up another thing I posted on craisglist, but I forgot he said he'd be there at 6.  Well, I wasn't home til 640.  The kind guy waited for me.  BUT Drew had the only key to the house and he had driven home separately and picked up some dinner.  So I awkwardly stood with this guy waiting to get into my own house.  How awful and creepy does that sound? ugh.

So then we're eating dinner, and for some reason Drew got E root beer.  She proceeded to spill it all over the floor. I swore. That kid is know going to know how to say "damnit."  ....dangit! lol  I gave E a quick bath, but she was swirling herself around and smacked her head on the faucet. 

So then while I'm giving her a bath, Drew says, "What's on your back?" I say, "what?!" He says, "there's a big spot on your back!" And I say, "from what?!" He says, "Oh, I remember, it was that day that you were carrying in Elisabeth from church and somehow her chocolate milk spilled that was in that bag" - so all day today ladies and gentlemen, I had a freaking 6" stain of chocolate milk on the freaking back of my shirt without knowing it.  I told Drew he is my keeper and must take a once over glance at me to make sure I am presentable, cause heaven knows I obviously can't do it myself.

I'm done for this week.  I didn't go to the gym, and ate a hamburger and fries.  It's a dang good thing I only have aunt flo visit rarely cause if I don't know how I used to deal with this kind of retarded brain behavior in the past.

So now I've gotten my woe is me's out, here are some cutey pictures.

 Brushing her chompers

 Flossing her teeth :)

 Chillin with Papa, eating crackers.

 Look at those WINGS! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

Hooray for cookie dough! ..yes, I am the parent that is OK with giving her daughter raw cookie dough, and I'm OK with that.  I sure do love her!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

What we've been doing :)

Elisabeth had a horrible sinus infection that peaked about Thursday afternoon.  The poor girl was so exhausted by the time we got home that all she wanted to do was cuddle.  So, we put on Horton Hears a Who and chilled until Papa got home and could go pick up Quizno's for us.  I thought she'd at least eat soup if her throat was hurting, but she wouldn't touch it.  She wouldn't eat a thing.  She ate a pickle Thursday morning, but her babysitter said she hadn't eaten anything else.  Friday I think she ate half a piece of bread.  Saturday, she ate a pickle and some olives.  She didn't even want ice cream!  Finally today, she was willing to eat some blueberries and juice.  The poor girl was getting so dehydrated. :(  We started her on a round of antibiotics Friday night, and her fever broke through that night.  She's on the upswing, but man, she got bad f.a.s.t.!

Other than that, things have been pretty quiet lately...just plugging along at work and play. :) The only other thing exciting going on is Elisabeth attempting to have another tooth break's been a long time coming and it's just barely under the skin.  Hopefully it isn't hurting her too much and will come through a lot easier than the last couple of months have been for her.

 Elisabeth wanted to hang out outside- I love how she slumps in the chair---it was so she could wiggle her legs better!

 I thought this was funny sporting the shoes. :)

 This was her "Fancy" outfit she picked out.  We were reading Olivia's Opposites book and we were talking about Plain and Fancy- so she wanted to be fancy!  oh, and we had to play blocks, too.

 Cheese and Cornbread- I got this recipe from one of my friends. It makes the best cornbread in the world. And I usually hate cornbread!


 You see these?  These are brownies and cookies together.  Whoever thought brownies and cookies should go together was a GENIUS!!! We had some for dessert last night.  The only downside? They took FIFTY minutes to make!!!

 And this? This is dinner tonight.  It sounded delicious! So we're making it!

And these are my two sweethearts watching Donald Duck cartoons.  Elisabeth likes to wear her jacket because it has newly discovered pockets.  She likes to walk around with her hands in her pockets now- it's pretty adorable to me.  We had also weaned from having a binky during the day, but with this horrible cold, I kind of eased up, so I'm guessing we'll have to go through the continuous questioning of where is teeny binky once this cold is gone again. haha oh well :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011


I have a million pictures to share :)

 This was our Saturday morning.... it was pretty much awesome...
 I made a mistake with buying these pj's.  We had initially bought them because Ellie saw the planets and insisted they were all moons.  She LOVES the moon.  So we thought that was cute and bought them.  The night she wore these was probably the worst night of trying to get to sleep in her life.  She was so insistent on needing to look at all the moons that it was difficult for her TO sleep.  I do like her Dora slippers with her boyish jammies though. :)

 run, run, run, as fast as you can!

 I didn't intentionally try to match her coat and bow. :)

 I couldn't get her to look!

 Ellie took this picture of Drew- I thought it was pretty cute

 Our attempt at a family picture.  I couldn't get Ellie to sit still!

 Ignore the nose. :) I was going to photoshop it out, but I wanted to post pictures before she woke up from her nap, so I haven't tweaked any of them yet. 

 Offering her beautiful blossoms :)

 I thought this squirrel was awesome!


Saturday, April 2, 2011


I'm practicing being as kind to myself as I am to others, especially my baby.  This has been a struggle for me.  It's rewiring 29 years of life.  It may take that long to change, but small steps are still small steps in the right direction.  So I'd like to share some of my non-scale victories from the past few months of working very hard on me.

1. I can run. I can run 10 mins, 20, 30, 50, 60, much as I want...not can... I stopped at 68 minutes today because I felt like going home.  The sun was out, the air was crisp, it was a beautiful day, and I wanted to share it with my family.  I could have gone longer, but I chose to stop.  What a powerful feeling to CHOOSE to stop rather than HAVING to stop.  It made me feel wonderful.

2. I made a quiet goal with myself that I think I mentioned to Drew once in the past month.  I'm trying really hard to work on my self-esteem, and part of that process is figuring out things that would really make me happy.  They may be boring or silly to others, but they mean a lot to me.  One of those things was to unsubscribe from Lane Bryant emails because I just didn't need them anymore.  I did that this week.  Their smallest pants are baggy on me.  I still wear them because I feel like I'm inbetween sizes and I think I'll wait a little longer since summer is coming, and I have lots of summer shorts to wear instead.  But the fact is, I don't need them!  I can go into a regular store and expect things to fit the way I want them to...once again, very powerful and liberating.

3. One other thing with clothes- today I was on a mission to find clothing to match for our family pictures.  I was elated to realize that I didn't have to go to the women's section of any store...I could find something *I* wanted to wear that looked cute, and chances were, it would fit.  And it did!  I got another shirt just because it was cute, not because I had to get it because it was the only thing that fit.  I honestly don't think I've ever done that in my life.  I don't like making a big deal out of it, but internally I am so happy.

My scale has been teetering around the same set of numbers for 4 weeks now, and I realized who cares? I'm not competing with anyone, I'm already lower than what I had set out to accomplish back in December (and a year before that December as well).  I am strong, I am healthy, and I am confident that when my body is ready, the rest will go away.  I've noticed my legs are finally giving away some of their storage, which has ultimately been my biggest obstacle...and to know my body is finally responding is a very nice feeling. :)

I just thought I'd share. :)

I have some really cute pictures of Elisabeth munching away on cereal this morning, but I left the camera in the car, so you'll have to wait until later.  Sometimes I feel bad that all her pictures are of her sitting and eating, but that's seriously the only time I can get a non-fuzzy picture from her anymore.  If she isn't sitting to eat, she's going 3 million miles an hour to go do something.  I love her so much!