Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Today was a little overwhelming for me. I forgot to load up some stuff in Drew's car to take to work so he could give it to someone who had bought it on craigslist. We changed the locks on our doors but only have 1 key, so he had to drive back into dallas, get the key from me, pick the stuff up and head back to work. I had a dentist appt. and picked E up early. Drew's meeting got out late, so I was late to the dentist. I ended up sitting and waiting 30 mins anyway cause there was a screaming kid in the back (they had been eating sun chips and lodged a piece underneath a loose tooth)-whiner.  So it took 1.5 hours instead of the normal 30 minutes. Ridiculous! E had a blowout at Drew's office (the ONLY time she hasn't had a diaper and wipes there....because i was rushing and needed to leave).

It doesn't stop there.  I forgot E's medicine at the sitters, had to call them up and go back and get it.  A guy was coming to pick up another thing I posted on craisglist, but I forgot he said he'd be there at 6.  Well, I wasn't home til 640.  The kind guy waited for me.  BUT Drew had the only key to the house and he had driven home separately and picked up some dinner.  So I awkwardly stood with this guy waiting to get into my own house.  How awful and creepy does that sound? ugh.

So then we're eating dinner, and for some reason Drew got E root beer.  She proceeded to spill it all over the floor. I swore. That kid is know going to know how to say "damnit."  ....dangit! lol  I gave E a quick bath, but she was swirling herself around and smacked her head on the faucet. 

So then while I'm giving her a bath, Drew says, "What's on your back?" I say, "what?!" He says, "there's a big spot on your back!" And I say, "from what?!" He says, "Oh, I remember, it was that day that you were carrying in Elisabeth from church and somehow her chocolate milk spilled that was in that bag" - so all day today ladies and gentlemen, I had a freaking 6" stain of chocolate milk on the freaking back of my shirt without knowing it.  I told Drew he is my keeper and must take a once over glance at me to make sure I am presentable, cause heaven knows I obviously can't do it myself.

I'm done for this week.  I didn't go to the gym, and ate a hamburger and fries.  It's a dang good thing I only have aunt flo visit rarely cause if I don't know how I used to deal with this kind of retarded brain behavior in the past.

So now I've gotten my woe is me's out, here are some cutey pictures.

 Brushing her chompers

 Flossing her teeth :)

 Chillin with Papa, eating crackers.

 Look at those WINGS! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

Hooray for cookie dough! ..yes, I am the parent that is OK with giving her daughter raw cookie dough, and I'm OK with that.  I sure do love her!

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