Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dear Elisabeth

Dear Elisabeth,

I know I tell you every single day how much I love you. Today however, I got to see a different little girl than I've ever seen before, and I am very excited. We got the chance to play with some of our friend's children while they attended the temple.  They have a little boy who is 9 months younger than you.  You were amazing with him.  You played like a typical little almost 2 year old, it was hard for you to share.  It was difficult to watch other people play with your toys, even though you haven't played with them for months.  But as the evening went on, you became a little more comfortable with it.

You wanted to show your little friend how you could do different things, you sang songs to him, and helped him get things from shelves.  You shared your food with him, and helped him drink his milk...along with sharing it, and "showing" him how to do it on his own.  You wanted to push him on your little car, and help him put things in his mouth (whether it was what he was supposed to have, or not).  I also loved how you wanted to eat what he was eating.  If he thought it was good, you thought it was too.

I realized today how big you are getting.  You will always be my little baby, but I realized today how much you have grown and I realized how incredibly intelligent you are.  You are so kind, caring, loving, friendly, and happy.  I love that you are so social, and love being around others.

Someday when your Mama is ready for another baby, you are going to make such an incredible big sister.  You are going to take such good care of them.  You get so concerned for the well being of others.  I'm so glad you came into our family, and bless us with your presence daily.  Thank you so much for being my beautiful little princess.  Your Mama and Papa are very grateful to have you.

Your Mama <3

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Michele said...

I think the little girl living with you ate your baby. You were supposed to tell her NOT to eat the baby.