Thursday, December 4, 2008

Zaquisha and I are tight

Drew and I were at WallyWorld tonight to buy some new hair bands for my beautiful locks, and surprisingly only saw one other person at the store- and thankfully it was another teacher, so the courtesy wave was all that was needed. It brought on a story that made me giggle pretty hard though.

When Laurie, Carrie, and I were waiting for Twilight to start, Laurie told us of a story of a couple she knows down in Utah that saw Zac Efron and that girl he hangs out with at Target (since they film High School Musical down there). So anway, the couple asks if they can take their picture, and Zac says no, they're are off the clock. *I was shocked!* so anyway, the couple proceed to go around the store taking pictures of them with their camera phones while the celebs try to hide their faces with murchandise. Then when they're leaving, the couple takes a picture of them coming out, and proceeds to follow them in their car later yelling to them WOULDN"T IT JUST HAVE BEEN EASIER TO SAY YES?!?!?! least that's the story I remember- I might have left out details. SOOOO!!!

I laughed and said, OH! I totally know how that is! And they both looked at me like I was crazy. So I elaborated. I said, well when you work and play in Dallas, you're a total small time celeb. I go to the store and usually get a MIIISSSUSSSS JAAAACCCCCCKKKSSSOOON!!!!!! And if I don't turn toward it and give them a great big hug, then I'm like total sleeze of the earth! So I told the two of them, you just have to constantly be "on the clock" cause you never know who you're going to see where, and you have to be careful! The goal is to not let them see what you have in your shopping basket!


hahahahahaha oh so funny

OH OH OH, and speaking of twilight, I let one of my co-workers daughters borrow my books so she could read them. I told her dad that I thought the movie was just so-so. SOO, I was talking to him today, and said, well, I totally liked it more the second time, but it definitely is more eye candy than anything else. ANd he's all, "YOU didn't like it all that much, but you went again!?" and I was all, "Well, YEAH! I can't turn down a chance to see it again! I even downloaded it on the cpu but it was such a terrible copy that I had to delete it!" Oh man, I think I had him laughing ALL DAY! I then told him later on that day that if she needs someone to go with, I'll totally go with her. LMAO!

Oh, and I don't care if RPatz has a big big foreheads have to stick together!


Shel and Rick said...

YAY for big foreheads!
I love your stories. They are some good times. I still haven't seen Twilight, heck I haven't seen Bond either. Yeah I am a loser!

Madddddddy said...

Yeah, you def. need to go see it. Buy 2 tickets though, cause it's def. better the second time around- that way you aren't sitting and anticipating the hype when there is none. :D

Tamara said...

K, I am hoping that I'm not the only one who was totally appalled at the behavior of the COUPLE, not of Zac Efron!! Good grief, what total lunacy. He's entitled to some privacy. He's a person just like anyone else, right? Why on earth would anyone feel justified in doing what that couple did? I hope they were not LDS. And I know this makes me sound like a Zac Efron groupie, which I am definitely not. Ok, I will get off my high horse now. But sheesh!

Shannon said...

what does LDS have to do with following a celebrity..anyways...congrats on the baby coming that's awesome!!!