Sunday, November 9, 2008

Don't let me down

I have caught wind of some new pictures that have been posted from the Twilight movie. These include "Edward" with a 5 o'clock shadow in them. In my opinion, vampires should have no need to shave, since they are, in a sense, timeless. Therefore, should it be assumed that facial hair doesn't grow? Or does it? I'm guessing head hair grows, just because I'm guessing they change hair styles and if one day you decided to shave it all off, you should have the option of having it grow back, right? But facial hair....really? ----ok, and if I concede to them actually having to shave, how often do they have to shave? Can they grow a beard in a night if they feel like it? And definitely DO NOT get me started on their Laurent- vampires loose their skin pigmentation, how else are you supposed to figure out it's a vampire if they're still black? I mean, common! Be REALISTIC HERE!!!!! (at least powder the black guy up a bit, sheesh!- oh, and even in the book, it mentioned how Jasper was down in Texas/Mexico area and that there were these fair women, but had the facial complection of latinas, SOOOO, that proves right there that even if you are latino, you still lose the pigment- am I right, or am I right?)

AND is it just me, or does Bella looked cracked out? I'm worried this might deter from the actual film and make me frustrated. Thoughts?!

I sure hope it's not as corny as it has the potential to be. Please, please, please let it be a good movie!

In other news, Drew and I found this gigantic mushroom in our front yard today. I'll post pictures later. I'm way too sick feeling to get up and find the camera cord. So you'll just have to pretend you saw princess toadstool.

Speaking of Princess Toadstool, I found a nintendo emulator online last night. Drew calibrated the game controller so I could play with the controller rather than the keyboard keys. I found Super Mario Bros. 3 on there and have played for quite a while. I don't know how well I did when I was young, but I'd put bets on it being A LOT better than what I can do now. Part of it though, in favor of me, is that I have to use the swirly button thing rather than the d-pad to control it, so it is a bit on the looseygoosey side, so it IS harder to control. I got so fed up with world 7 pipe land that I ended up turing it off today. Bah. I'm glad it is around though! Now I just have to find the bomberman that was for the Super NES! OH, and Donkey Kong for that one, too!


Shel and Rick said...

I have issues with the facial hair too...if they died with a 5:00 shadow then ok but if not, it should not be there. Period.

Shannon & Eli said...

yeah...i will stick with the edward in my dreams...lovely!!!