Saturday, November 8, 2008

I love these guys

I am all sorts of in the Christmas mood, ALREADY! I threw on the Pandora radio today with all sorts of Christmas music blaring through the house today. NOW I have to watch A Christmas Story.

My all time favoritest Christmas movie ever! I wish I had Ralphie's imagination- that would be rockin'. Well, that movie and ELF are quite close in ranks. I might have to watch that one too if I'm still awake when this is over.

Hooray for Christmas musics never ending supply!


Shel and Rick said...

I watched Elf as my comfort movie on Monday. Then I put it on my ipod this week too. It is in my top 3 favorite movies ever!!!
FM 100 is already playing Christmas music on the radio.

rachaelhubbard said...

I love the new background! :)

Also, OMG I have early Christmas fever toooo! We watched Love, Actually while we were at the beach. I have actually been thinking of doing a new vlog - Top 10 Christmas films!!!!

Thayer & Associates said...

I am so with you on this. I love all that fun Christmas stuff.

Monica said...

Love it! I've just been looking for new Christmas music to download on eMusic! :)