Sunday, November 2, 2008

I know what I'M going to be for CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

This says it all right here:

And the Green and Red tights? Yeah, they're one size fits all for only $3.99!!!!!! BEST CHRISTMAS COSTUME, EVER!!! FORGET HALLOWEEEEEEN!!! Christmas is the new best thing!

Today, during fast meeting, some guy got up, explained his prostate cancer surgery, and then proceeded to explain how there was this big drift in the ward between the old people and the young people, and how he now has a greater appreciation for the ward in general now that his prostate has been removed. THAT my friends, is a Fast Meeting at its finest!

Do you like my pretty picture?

1 comment:

Shel and Rick said...

Ok that costume is awesome. How do you always find the good ones?
I wish I could have been there today in your ward. Maybe if Rick gets his prostate out he will be able to make more friends. HAHAHA