Monday, November 17, 2008

I might puke

Today, one of my little kiddies got diagnosed with a head lice infestation.
Ever since, I have been scratching the jeebers out of my head. I need Drew to check me out cause I have totally paranoided myself out. Yuck. I love this little kid so much too- they're soooo stinkin sweet, and I know they have no control over it once so ever. Poor kid.

We didn't have any more lice shampoo at school, so our sweet secretary gave them some regular stuff and told them to wash their hair really well. The little kid said they didn't have any shampoo at home, and was so excited to get their own little bottle of shampoo. So sweet, yet so stinkin sad.

I told our secretary that if this kid comes back to school tomorrow with issues, that I will personally go buy them some anti-lice shampoo and help them wash it out at school. It's been a CONSTANT problem for at least 2 years now, and I just don't think it's ever been taken care of. What's worse is that this little kid seems to be so used to it, it doesn't ITCH anymore. :(

So parents out there, do me a favor- check your kids hair. Check it often- cause I sure hate sending home those fliers that say that live lice has been found in our classroom. I also hate having to sanitize the whole classroom and then do it again for a solid two weeks until the problem *maybe* is over. It's time consuming, and my time should be spent planning for activities, not wiping down headphones, scrubbing chairs, desks, spraying literally every surface, pulling books out, wiping shelves, etc. I just can't handle it!!

Anyway, so that's that. Being a teacher sure is fun!


Shel and Rick said...

I will personally donate money for this kid so he has money for shampoo. That makes me SO sad.

Tamara said...

ohhhhh.... EW! but so so sad. I will donate money too. Great, now I am scratching my head too. GAH!

Thayer & Associates said...

Lice.... I HATE Lice. Yuck Thats no fun. No fun at all.