Saturday, November 15, 2008

Survey, survey, survey!

Drew's at the law school writing some dumb paper, so I'm stuck home, alone. Not even a pedi appt. set up! P.a.t.h.e.t.i.c. - So here's survey instead!

8 Things~~~

8 T.V. Shows that I like to watch

1. Grey's Anatomy- man, I have been SUCKED in

2. The Office - if you don't want this show, somethin is seriously wrong with you

3. Battlestart Galactica - I can't wait for this to start back up again, they keep teasing me!

4. King of the Hill - I don't watch this often, but listen to it quite a bit when Drew watches, and I find it pretty amusing.

5. Flip that House - is that even on anymore? We haven't had cable in a year and I miss it.

6. Good Eats - Alton Brown in my cooking hero

7. The Jetsons - I don't think they're on anymore, but I sure loved watching them.

8. I have others, too. :)

Favorite Restaurants:

1. India Palace - this is my favorite by default since there are only TWO Indian food places in Salem. I sure love me some of their lunch buffet though!

2. Fuji Rice Time - once again, by default. I don't know of any other acceptable sushi places anywhere near here.

3. McGrath's - I love their crab...mmmmm...!!!

4. Fathom's - Thank you Tamara for enlightening our eyes to this wonderful, brilliant, delicious place! LOVE IT!

5. Papa Johns - I know it isn't a place you go eat, but it's the best gosh darn pizza in the world!

6. Burgerville- hands down, best "fast food" EVAR!

7. Diary Queen - I really just like their Oreo Blizzard.


8 Things I did Today

1. Woke up- ate an egg and an english muffin

2. Whined to Drew that he doesn't really HAVE to work on his paper today.

3. Exercised

4. Cleaned the ENTIRE HOUSE!!!!! wooo! I haven't done that in probably almost 3 months.

5. Ate lunch

6. Blogged about my cool self

7. Played Mario Bros 3, got frustrated since I can't remember how to get the flute on level 1, board 3- even though my goal is to play every single level. :/

8. Chatted and texted

8 Things that I Look Forward To:

1. Not feeling sick

2. Drew working so we have some more money

3. Cutting my hair after K.'s wedding

4. Going to Hawaii- sort of- the packing part really blows

5. Longer days, not longer nights

6. Thanksgiving to see my niece! (and nephew...and I suppose their parents, too...) :)

7. Christmas Break

8. Being a mommy

8 Things on my Wishlist (now you get to see my greedy, worldly side)

1. Exact change in my pocket for everything I buy in an endless supply

2. A car- doesn't even have to be new!

3. To not have to work- stupid student loans

4. To be more easy going

5. To be able to travel where I want, and have someone else pack for me.

6. To have a house on the coast

7. To have a detached house- not a condo

8. a puppy!


Madddddddy said...

Shel, I think I hit reject thinking it was reply. She never said I couldn't, but I want to keep it longer so that there's more to do with my hair rather than hang there. I could shave it off if I wanted to.

Monica said...

1. The Office is awesome.
2. King of the Hill is pretty funny--I just heard that they're canceling it!
3. Alton Brown is awesome.
4. Papa John's, also awesome.
5. That's so cool that you're going to Hawaii! Enjoy your pre-kid time while you can! :)
6. Will you guys be in SL over Thanksgiving? If so, we'll be at Joe & Kathy's, so come say hi!!!

Madddddddy said...

Nope, sorry about the turkey day. We'll be going to head up to Seattle, which will be a feat in and of itself if the nausea continues, so I can't even imagine a 13 hour car ride, each way- too bad my break isn't longer. :(