Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday #5

I have a lot to write, but I don´t have a ton of time. We´re down here in acapulco in the internet cafe area of our hotel. our bus doesnt come for an hour and a half, so we´re hanging out here for half an hour. yesterday, i think i got heat stroke or something because i just felt like crap last night, my head was and is throbbing. we had plans to go over to the diamante beach this morning and there was just no way it was going to happen. i feel sicker than i think i ever have in my entire life. drew went and bought me dramamine and tylenol and asprin. he said i was just burning up this morning. i also slept til 12:25pm. i felt really bad cause they wanted to go out dancing last night and i said there was no way i´d be able to, so no one went. i hate feeling like the party pooper, but honestly, there was nothing i could do about it. so yeah, i am sick, sick, sick. i haven´t eaten today, and dont plan on it. we did have a pretty fun time the last 2 days though. cliff diving at night on friday, all day at the beach on saturday. i´m not sunburnt so why do i still feel like i´m going to vomit at any second and i have to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes. woe is me. oh, yesterday, i got two little 12 year olds to braid my hair in cornrows. i like it a lot. i have pictures, so ill upload them when i get back to school. i also bought a cute bag that says acapulco on it, and a conch shell....not only did i buy a conch shell, i bought it from a guy that was in the middle of the bay! -we were on a boat heading to some little resort called paloa i think. so yeah, i am alive (barely), and ill write more later.


Rachael said...

Oh my GOSH woman! Feel better, jeeze!!!

Also, I'm SO JEALOUS you got to go cliff diving! MAN!

Shell & Rick said...

Can I just say awesome! I am glad you had your hair braided. I really wanted to but I was scared since mine is so long. I heard it really hurts too....did it? I hope you leave it in for awhile. That will be awesome.
I am sorry you are so sick. I hope you are drinking alot. Remember, we have an ancestor that died of heat stroke...well kinda, he had it, passed out, they buried him and he died alive. Just be glad Drew didn't bury you. That would have sucked.

Shell & Rick said...

Mom just called and said she read your blog...she said that the exact same thing happened to dad in Acapulco and he was in the shade all day. She said that it was heat stroke.
I hope you are feeling better!
I can't wait to see your hair and your conch shell. Is it the type that you can blow into?