Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday #6

Today has been a pretty mundane day. I'm really enjoying not doing classes in the afternoon.

I have some thoughts though. It's about insects. Yesterday, we decided to go to Hancock. Lydia drove us over to the movie theater cause she was already taking her 2 nephews and Pablo, so she asked if we wanted to go too. Drew said yes, and told me we were going. Oscar, Omar and Pablo went and saw Hellboy 2, and Drew and I saw Hancock. ANYWAY, while we were waiting for their movie to get out, there was a mosquito attached to my leg. I smashed it and blood came oozing out. It was disgusting. Gross. It was MY blood that that little wretch TOOK! AND I actually felt bad about it. It was like, well, the damage has already been done, I guess I shouldn't kill you? But I did, cause I don't know any better. :/

THEN...well, not then, but a few days ago, a praying mantis got into our bedroom and I asked Drew to get it out. Instead, I flipped out and it flew up to above the windows. Drew sat there looking at it for a while, got down, went and got the RAID and sprayed it. I was SHOCKED! Shocked because he actually killed it, and shocked cause he didn't just take it outside! I was so uberly emotional that I actually contemplated crying for it! How sad is that?

OK, so that's about it. Tonight, we're going to go buy our tickets for the bus ride for Taxco tomorrow....I've been debating the Dramamine.......and after buying our tickets, we're going to catch a cab to Marco Polo (apparently they have yummy pizza), and then go over to the market for a while to peruse some more. THEN there's apparently going to be a fiesta at the school one knows why, but we're going to come check it out anyway.

Tomorrow is taxco, and sunday is church, nothing much else.

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