Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wednesday #3

Tomorrow, I can post Thursday #4. I realized yesterday that we only have 5 weekends left to do anything. Hooray. So this is how its going to go: This saturday Xochicalco or something like that.

Next week: Acapulco
Week after: Taxco
Week after after: 6 Flags - it's only $30 a person! It's like $80 at home! lol
Week after after after: Tepotzlan

So then we get to fly home the following saturday. Yay!

The highlight of my day: I was the first one to use the new bar of soap in the bathroom. THAT is how absolutely wonderful this place is.

I have to go back to class now, I'll probably edit and update more later. It's raining here like crazy. It's just literally pouring from the sky and won't let up. I wore flipflops yesterday and had to take them off to walk cause I was sliding around. Today, I wore shoes. My shoes are wet, my socks are wet. But at least I can walk without sliding. We also didn't see sprinkles, the pitbull or whatever dog on the way to school today - it was too rainy to be outside. That made me sad.

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Shell & Rick said...

Man the time really is going fast!
How many hours has it been raining? Like 2 days now?