Monday, July 14, 2008

Sunday #4

On Thursday or so, Drew had told me that he wanted to go to all of church this week. I told him that I didn’t want to go to relief society because I didn’t want to have to introduce myself and feel all weird and uncomfortable when people came to talk to me and I couldn’t understand anything they said. Thankfully he compromised with me today, and we just went to Sunday school. He asked that when we get back from Acapulco, that we go to all of church that day. I told him ok. I’m hoping I’ll be able to understand a bit more then. My problem is that they just talk to fast, and if it isn’t basic words, I have no idea what they’re saying.

So anyway, today was a pretty “normal” Sunday. We got up, ate breakfast, hung out for about an hour (I listened to my books), and then walked over to church. Walked back, hung out again, ate dinner, and came back down to our room and chilled. Drew went back upstairs after playing Sim City for a little while to watch TV. I think he’s been up there 2 hours or so. I took a shower and have been listening to New Moon. I’m at a good point, and I really don’t want to turn it off – and truthfully feel a bit guilty for not going up and watching lamesauce tv and socializing and such. But at the same time, this makes me happy, and that is the number one important thing right now – is to keep me from dumping into severe depression again.

I considered today, that when we get back to Oregon and I get a gym membership, that I might try and keep to the same sleeping schedule so that I’m able to wake up at 4:30am so I can go exercise from 5am-6am before work in the mornings. I think it would be most beneficial that way. So that’s what I’m hoping for. It makes for very early nights, but really, I don’t do much socializing during the week anyway, so it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. It made me sad to realize that I’m going to have to get rid of my treadmill though since my house just isn’t big enough for it and potential additional people in the house in the future. I guess I can hold onto it until that’s a for sure thing though? I miss the gym too though. I miss the selection and all the machines. I’m ready for a change, and I feel I deserve it with my upcoming raise.

Uhm, for those of you that know I have OCD issues sometimes, I have my days counted down on my phone, and I’m always excited to see the days get smaller and smaller til we go home. I also like telling people that the Sun pyramid at Teotihuacan (hey I spelled it correctly the first try!) – anyway, I like telling them that it has 238 steps, most of which are over a foot high each. The ~12 steps that aren’t over a foot high are so tiny and steep that they’re almost worse the throwing out your thigh muscles on all the other stairs. Anyway, back to my phone story. I sit and think about all the good stuff at home I will be happy to have. These include first and foremost- my bed. I love it. As you all know, these beds such. I might come home with severe back issues, but it’s ok, cause I have a wonderful bed at home. I will also give praises to my shower faucet. That was the best $20 ever spent. It is better than ANY faucet I have come in contact with in MANY years. I will also be excited for my electric toothbrush, lysterine (I didn’t bring ours cause our suitcases were too heavy, and the junk is about twice as expensive here….no wonder the rest of the world has crappy teeth!). Oh, speaking of teeth, the Tuesday after I get back, I will be very thankful to have my teeth cleaned. I’m also very thankful that I get paid as much as I do….I’ll talk more about that in a minute. I’m also very thankful that I can talk to my family and friends as much and whenever the crap I feel like it. As well as chat on the internet for as long as I want. I will also be glad to be able to read the PostSecrets the day they post rather than a day or two later. I’ll be excited to get back on my blogstalking game as well. I’m excited to go back and drive where people are kind and considerate. I’m excited to go back and cook.- I’m not allowed to touch anything in the kitchen… Uhm, I’ll be excited to sit on the couch and put my feet wherever the crap I want them. I’ll be excited to not wear shoes if I don’t feel like it. I’ll be excited to see my family, friends, and even coworkers! – I miss you all so very much. I’m excited to be somewhere where I feel I belong and am appreciated for who I am. I’m excited to hang out with LexyCat. I’m excited to use my beautiful kitchen again. And second to my bed, I am excited to see my ocean again. We get back (august 16) Saturday night – like around 11:30pm- so we won’t get back to our house until at least 1am – which makes for a pretty bad 8:00am church Sunday the next day. I’m thinking I might bug Drew to head out to the coast with me that day – just to say hello. I am just that lame. I should probably let Drew in on this now so he can warm up to the idea. Hah!

Ok, so now the story about money. Lydia was saying – and unless her English and ability to translate is incorrect – the minimum wage here is $50 pesos a WEEK for an 8 hour work day. For any of you that are not already gawking at the $50 part, keep in mind that this is equivalent to $5 USD. That’s right, FIVE BUCKS A WEEK. Granted, not everyone makes this kind of money – but the fact that many factory workers do is despicable. Lydia was also saying that about 35% of her earnings is pulled out in taxes. Most of the money just goes into the politicians pockets. She was saying that the “social security” here was $1500 pesos a month ($150 USD). And they expect people to live on that. No wonder there are these bungalow things just engulfing the mountain. These people don’t have electricity, water, refrigeration, a toilet, nothing except 4 walls. It made me feel absolutely terrible. I know that Horacio is 79 and from what I understand, he still works. Lydia was saying that almost everyone works until they die – otherwise you just don’t have the money. What a horrible thought that there is so much corruption and power in their politicians that they can actually go to bed at night knowing that their country is so impoverished. It made me feel very lucky for what I had. It made me feel horrible to realize these people make in a week for what I make in 10 minutes. That’s sick. Lydia said that she pays her maids and Pablo $7 an hour (USD) – she was saying it was $560 pesos for an 8 hour work day. That’s pretty decent I may say…especially for here! Anyway, Mexico is messed up economically, and I am sure glad I don’t have to live here permanently.

Alright, I’ve typed long enough, I’m going to go back to day dreaming as I listen to my stories.


Rachael said...

That is a fantastic idea about visiting the beach the day after you get here! I think you should definitely do it!

That is so sad about how much money they make. :(

Shell & Rick said...

I think you should go to church and speak in English. Did you take your scriptures with you?
You can tell them about Moroni being put on top of the Draper Temple and the Oquirrah Mountain Temples last week. I need to send you those photos...all in English of course. hahaha Afterall, the Church was founded in America. Shouldn't all the membrs speak American? HA

As for being paid...yes that is horribly sad and those are the types of things that you don't want to know but are good to know so you don't feel so bad and you remember how blessed we are to live where we do and have the things that we do. We truly live in the Promised Land.