Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday #6 - Life Update and a new week number!

I would say I'm at about 85% today. I finished off the last of my anti-biotic horse tranquilizer sized pills this morning. All I can say is thank goodness Lydia is a worry wart for something. When she went to pick up my meds at the pharmacy on monday, she picked up some acidophilus to help keep my stomach lining intact. I took them not really realizing what it was until this morning, and realized I was extremely thankful for the increase in good bacteria in my body. I think I'd be on a plane home if I was ailed with anything else.

Kate showed up for class today, half way through. I seemed to have been breezing through the material until she came and we slowed down to a snails pace. I was amazed. I just had the hardest time understanding why she had even come to class if she was acting so "sick" (aka hungover in my opinion). At least when I'm sick and tired, I still make an effort to understand what's going on. She just sat there while I conjugated all of the past verb tenses. Lame.

Otherwise today has been decent. I'm having a hard time keeping my regular water bottle clean, so I've bought just a regular water bottle and I forgot it somewhere today, so I had to buy another one. Whoops. Nothing else is really going on. I'm still pretty exhausted and spent over being sick (my diagnosis: Heat exhaustion + traveler's diarrrrrrrhea - yeah, I'm that cool you guys). Thankfully I seem to be recovering from both without a hospital stay - I consider myself pretty lucky.

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Shel and Rick said...

I am so glad to hear that Lydia was looking out for you. That is great that you really have learned stuff and were able to test it while Kate wasn't there. I am proud of you and happy you are feeling better.