Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday #4

Hmm...... I don't think I'll post a lot cause there aren't happy feelings about what's going on. I have a feeling the teachers here, have been yelled at for their students inability to get to classes on time. It's Mexico - no one has watches, and no one does anything consistently, so why am I getting reamed for being a few minutes late to class? All it is is lamesauce.

TOnight: Hancock at the mall, subtitled in Mexican
Tomorrow: Lucha Libre - finally! ugh
Friday - Viaje to Acapulco for the weekend. - I am having second thoughts about this because of who is accompanying us. Hopefully my worries are for not. We stay there saturday, come back sunday. Nada mas.

Tomorrow/Friday is hump day(s) for being here. Hopefully the last half will be better than the first?

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