Monday, July 14, 2008

Saturday #4

Today was a decent day. We had a gigantic group (~37 students + 5 teachers) going to Xochicalco. It was only about a half an hour drive, but we had one of those huge ole tour buses for the journey. About halfway through the plane ride, someone at the back of the bus threw a paper airplane toward the front. I happily flew it back, and it went back and forth until this girl in front of us flipped out. She screamed that if any of those hit her, someone is going to die! She grabbed the plane and crumbled it. So I said to her, what are you going to do? Beat them up? She didn’t say anything. Drew told me to be quiet.

So a couple minutes went by, another plane flew by, she grabbed it with her foot, scooted it along the ground, ruining it. I think by the 4th one, she screamed toward me to stop it. I said, I didn’t do anything. So she proceeds to tell her Spanish teacher from Colorado that there are people throwing planes, while using the F word about 154 times, and how rude it is. It took EVERYTHING I have inside of me to not say that her words were offensive to me, and that every vulgar word that came out of her mouth made her that much stupider. I didn’t though. I understand being upset, but seriously? At someone flying paper airplanes? Come on. She pissed me off pretty badly.

So then once we got to the ruins site, there was a museum. I took lots of pictures. My favorite thing there was what looked like a bracelet of skull head carvings. I want one now…how morbid. After that, we headed over to the actual ruins. There is a part there that has been set up just right that it reverberates any sound that is made in the middle of an area type area. It was pretty cool – kind of like olden day microphones. Apparently, these pyramids were called the stars……which is fun since the Teotihuacan pyramids feature the sun and the moon. Apparently, the Teotihuacan, the pyramids of Xochicalco, and one more that the teachers couldn’t remember a bit more south were in a direct line of one another. Xochicalco was a very good destination for trading since it was between the two of them. I have to hand it to the native Americans that established these pyramids. They chose some prime real estate. When you’re on top of these structures, you can see miles and miles away. Definitely good strategy for trade/war/whatever.

We came back home- got here right before 5pm, and we had told Lydia we didn’t need dinner, but she was here anyway, making us the random spaghetti of noodles, cheese and onions. Today is Horacio Jr.’s birthday and everyone was over there. We told her she should have just gone, and she said no. I don’t know why she does this. She was also late to her class this morning because of breakfast. I really wish that she wouldn’t cater to us so minutely…it’s a bit extreme.

Drew said that he wanted to go out dancing tonight, but kind of didn’t as well. He wanted me to make the decision. I told him I only wanted to go 20 out of 100 percent, since he was 50/50. I feel bad, and sometimes like a wet blanket, but seriously? I don’t dance at home, I’m not out there trying to hook up with anyone, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke….I don’t have clothes for it, I already have sleeping issues….how fun could it really be? I thin I’d rather go to bed. I feel bad, but not bad enough I guess. Hah. I guess if he really wanted to go, he’d say he did. People also mention going to the black market, but I have no idea where it is, and Drew is extremely against going. I kind of just want to see what it’s like, but honestly, I don’t think we’ll go. Oh well.

So now, we spent about an hour watching some new tv show on E! about some job agency that gets people into jobs. One of the guys wants to be a butler, which to me, is extremely odd. I got sick of it a lot faster than I thought I would, so I came and uploaded the pics onto my computer, and typed this up. I think I might shower and relax the rest of the night. I’m feeling extremely anti social and don’t really feel like trying to put forth the extra effort to be unrealistically happy with 19 year olds. I’m done for the week.

Tomorrow, Drew wants to go to ALL of church. I’m not so sure how I feel about that. I don’t think I’d mind Sunday school so much, but I definitely don’t want to go to Relief Society by myself. I’m freaked out about that. Drew suggested that I could walk home, but really, that to me, sounds like I’m a big ole baby. Ugh. I just don’t know what to do.

One interesting thing happened today for myself though, was when I was taking pictures of all the vegetation on the mountains circling the pyramids, it made me miss home. I miss the Oregon coast line like I’ve never missed a piece of land before in my life. I don’t care that it’s freezing cold, I don’t care that it rains almost every day. It is what it is, and I love it. I loved seeing the green covered hills here because it reminded me of Oregon. I felt a bit sad because I seem to have grown to love Oregon more than I ever thought possible. I love Utah too, but I think I love Utah for my family that lives there, not for the weather there. I need to remember this when February rolls around and it rains for 2-3 weeks straight. Hah!

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