Monday, July 28, 2008

Saturday #5, Sunday #5, Monday #5

I think I'll cram 3 into 1. It's just easier. Then I'll upload pictures.

Saturday - field trip to Taxco with Drew. It got HOT. I don't think I've fully recouped from my run in with the sun in Acapulco. I started to feel nasty sick. We got lots of goodies there though, then hopped a bus back to Cuernavaca that evening. All in all, it was decent.

Sunday - Sunday was a difficult day emotionally. Just call me PMSMaddy. I didn't do ANYTHING all DAY! In all actuality, it was extremely nice to just sit and listen to Eclipse. I kind of wish I had the actual books with me, but they would have been way too heavy. Oh well, the iPod is good.

Monday - Today started out ok. I still feel a bit sick. I think it might have been from dinner last night. Let me tell you about it. We had nastily way over salted spaghetti with onions. Normally it's pretty decent, but I think it just had too much salt (no marinara sauce, just some random cheese). We also had pieces of flat chicken that were fried - again, way too much salt. And Guacamole. Having spaghetti tonight? I'll bring the tortillas! Carb overload? Never heard of such a thing! Anyway, I think that's why. Just an odd combination of weird stuff.

I don't think we have anything planned this evening other than picking up our laundry. I think the laundry lady likes our money.

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Shel and Rick said...

Spaghetti and guacamole...mmm my favorite.