Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Monday #4

I didn’t get a chance to blog today while at school, so I’m doing it tonight to post in the morning. So here’s the rundown of the day: Class again. I have Vanessa for grammar, Federico for conversation and Margerita for situational Spanish. I have thoughts about the first two teachers, but I won’t go into detail here. We spent all our free time, as well as Michele’s trying to find a hotel in Acapulco that wasn’t a dump, and close to the beach. Thank you Michele for the help!!!! We went with her top choice and booked 2 rooms. Now we just have to attempt to find 2 more people to go to make it relatively cheap. Tickets to and from total are $60, so we’re hoping to get the rooms down to $25 a night per person. Otherwise it’ll be about 33, which isn’t bad either. After comida, I did my homework and started walking to Gold Star – the bus station to price things out. Halfway up the Virreyes street that the Fragoso’s live on, Lydia came rollin by in her pimp car, and told us she’d give us a ride to the station since she just works around the corner and that’s where she was headed. We found out there are 2 stations the bus goes to, so we need to talk with others and decide if we want to go earlier but arrive further away from the hotel, OR leave around 2pm, and be about 15 mins from the hotel. So we didn’t buy tickets because of this little dilemma.

After the bus station, we walked the rest of the way up to the Zocalo. Someone told us that the black market was up near there. We found the “black” market, but I think it was really the white market – it wasn’t shady enough and there weren’t any ipods or nintento ds’ or anything sketchy. They didn’t even have any knock off purses. I wasn’t impressed. So then we walked back down toward the Zocalo and bought some ice cream at mcdonalds again and found the vendor that sold churros with chocolate, or cajeta, or what looked like white chocolate. We bought one churro with chocolate and one with cajeta. They were delicious, but I think I prefer my churros solo. That was WAY too much sugar for me for that time frame.

While we were eating our diabetic inducing coma treats, a bunch of boys were setting up for their break dancing spree in the zocalo. We stayed to watch for a little while. Some of them are extremely good – I was impressed. They even had a teeny bopper there doing it, along with 2 girls. That impressed me too.

Then we walked back home. Once again, halfway back on Virreyes – the fragoso’s street, Lydia saw us and told us to get in. hahaha Oh, the reason she has a pimp mobile is because it’s some fancy shmancy Honda, BUT the windows are so flippin dark, they’d be illegal times 2 in the states. And the way she just darts out into the street to turn left scares the CRAP out of me every time. These cars DO NOT stop for anyone or anything. It’s horrible. She sits and swears the whole time. I think that in and of itself would give me a heart attack.

I think that’s about it for today.


Shell & Rick said...

#1 I am glad I could help.
#2 I need details on your teachers
#3 Don't forget to get photos of the pimp car
#4 What a dumb black market. You need to get some good shiz.
#5 That break dancing stuff would have been fun. Now those are the types of things I like to hear about. You and Drew need to get out more and see more of that type of stuff.
#6 I still don't have a photo of Pablo!

Shell & Rick said...

I almost forgot, the hotel where you are staying has free wireless internet in certain places so you can take you cpu and do some serious uploading if needed.
Also, Acapulco is where I purchased my doll that I want to "replace". Not that I don't love the one you bought in TJ for me. If you see any dolls that have dark hair and a fully lace dress, hook me up and I will pay you back. I couldn't find any at the flea markets in Cancun either but there were some close ones at the airport in Cancun. I just didn't want to spend the money at point. You know how that goes!

Rachael said...

awww man, no good purses!?!? That black market fails!!