Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday #4

This is our FOURTH THursday here. Granted that we didn't get here til 7pm, but still, we were here. That means in a few days, it'll be hump day for school! YES! Then it's all downhill from there. I believe it's in 7 more days....maybe 8. I can't remember. We have 37 more days though. So yeah, I guess it's 8 days.

Today, at our lunch break, 2 teachers, and 5 of us students walked up to a pasteleria (bakery) and bought a cake for Julianna's birthday on June 1st, and Drew's birthday on June 28th. They saved me a piece. I think I'll eat it after dinner tonight ---I have to be extremely hungry for Comida because if I don't eat a decent amount, I get ripped on and whined at for not eating more. So from 11-3:30 I don't eat anything...which is actually extremely hard since I'm used to having a snack mid way through that time, but whatever.

Tonight, barring any random weird crap, we're have a group of people going with us to Lucha Libre since last week was a wash. Hopefully we won't be rained on too much. Hopefully this time, I'll be able to post and let you know how it went.

I didn't go to my class again today, I kind of like it this way. I thought about maybe going next week, but then I get all panic attacky type, and that's not cool. Esp. with my sleeping issues, I probably emotionally couldn't handle it. We shall see though.

There's a song playing on the radio in the kitchen area here at the school, and it sounds like Erasure, but in Spanish.

In my conversational class today, my teacher and I shared music we had on our phones. That's it. Oh, and she told us she has a half hour presentation she has to do in English for her English classes on the 24th, and she's extremely nervous about it. She's doing it on personality colors. She wants me to write up a whole bunch of crap for her, and I don't want to. I think that's something I'm going to pass on. I do have books on it though- but they're at home. :/

There's a few people leaving this weekend to go home, and people keep asking them if they're sad to go home, and none of them have said yes. hahaha one girl, from England said that she'll miss mexico, but she's ready to go back and be in the real world. Another girl said that she's just excited to lay on her carpet at home. I thought that was funny. It got me thinking though, and one of the things that is happy making here, is that once a week or so, they change the soap in the bathroom here (communal bar soap)- and sometimes, I get to use the brand new soap that no one else has touched. THAT my dears, is the excitement of my life. Or when I get the oilet paper with imprints of dolphins on it. hahaha

Oh, on another topic, there was a big ol terd on the patio area next to our bedroom at home this morning. We're assuming it came from an iguana cause we don't know what else would have done it. And our green eggs next to our bedroom door seem to have moved from a tiny egg to a larger one or something cause there are some clear egg "shells" in the middle, and all the other eggs have moved outward's really weird. I'll try to remember to take a picture of it today.

I guess otherwise, things are ok. I'm still not too thrilled to be here, the exhaust from all the cars has given me smokers lung and I'm always coughing, but I guess at least I'm not dead, and there don't seem to be any warewolves or vampires nearby....?


Shell & Rick said...

Have you tried taking some sleeping pills? I am sure you could get some good ones are the drug store. hehehe jijiji
Would you see if you can find me some Enrique or Ricky CD's? I just realized that it would be cool to have some ones that are "imports"

Rachael said...

Hehehe, maybe you're in Jasper's old turf!!! HEHEHEH!