Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday #3

I got some sad news from a friend this morning that another friend of ours' 4 year old passed away last night. I'm extremely shocked and don't entirely know how to take it. My best bet is to just go on with my day and think about it at home. It's really bothering me though.

As for here, not a lot has changed. I hate getting up in the morning, and my classes are extremely difficult. Too bad I don't care enough to try to figure it out.

I don't really feel like posting much more right now.


I ended up not taking the workshop classes again today. I don't have as much to catch up on this week as I did last week, so I do feel a little guilty, but definitely not enough to go to class. I've been listening to a discussion one of the girls from our house is having with her teacher. I can't decide if her boyfriend is coming down here to stay with her for the duration of the visit, or if she's going home already. She came in at 11pm on Saturday. If I can do it, so can she. And she leaves on August 2nd. We'll be here TWO weeks longer than her. And have already endured TWO weeks. I feel sad for her.

Drew wants me to talk the salsa classes with him this afternoon. I am undecided on the fact. I don't feel like doing it, but it gets me out of the house and keeps me busy. I just don't care to learn how to dance. Esp. with all these random people from some Colorado community college.

I learned what rock-paper-scissors is in spanish, but I don't remember. I also have the phrase for Tag! You're it!, uhm, I don't know what else. I asked our teacher to teach us some kids songs in spanish, but she said that was boring, and wouldn't. I was crushed. I told her I wanted to teach them to my students, but she just kept insisting that they were boring. dangit. Maybe my teacher next week.

Oh also, we went over Pedir and Preguntar - I don't get them - the teacher couldn't explain it, so we sat there for 15 minutes, not doing a thing. Awesome.


Shell & Rick said...

I loved your photos. Those are so great showing the every day life of people. I liked the one of the girl in the green dress having the photo shoot.
I would love to take Salsa. That would be cool to dance with Ricardo. hehehe
Are Pedir and Preguntar regular or irregular verbos?

Shell & Rick said...

I have an awesome Spanish verb book. Here is the difference between Pedir and Preguntar

Pedir= used to request, like when placing and order, or borrowing. un predimento = petition So when you order food you say "pido tacos"

Preguntar = to ask a question or inquire. Una pregunta = question So when you want to say "Pregunto, why is it that every time Marissa comes over I spend money? Funk Dat!"

I hope that helps.