Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday #4

Yay! We finished another week finally. Only 5 more to go. Half way through next week, we'll be halfway done with this hellish nightmare.

Last night, we had a group of 8 of us that went to Lucha Libre....the only problem was that there was NO lucha libre last night!!!! No one seemed to know this though cause several people came and went, all pissed off. Apparently, there is going to be a big ole fight next Thursday. I think we're going to round up people again and for reals go this time. ....again...

Other than that, we came home late, got to bed late, had a hard time sleeping, and came to school today. In my situational spanish class, we taught our teacher english tongue twisters. Screw the spanish, I guess. :)

Tomorrow morning, we're going to Xochicalco with the school. Sunday is church. Then we do it all over again.

Today, after comida, we're going to take a trek up to the bus station to make sure we know how much bus tickets are, possibly buy them, and make sure we know what time the bus takes off to Acapulco next weekend. I still have no idea who is going with us other than Eve. We might have 3 people or 40. Who knows.


Shell & Rick said...

Is Lydia going to go with you to the bus station or does Drew know Spanish well enough now? Do you have hotel reservations yet? Need me to send you info?
Tell me how your new drugs work and their name so I can good them for you.

Rachael said...

ACAPULCO!!! Color me jealous!!! Hehe, have fun... you deserve it! ;)

Too bad about Lucha Libre, MAN!