Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday #5

I still feel sick. I have an appointment with the doctor here at school for whenever they decide to call my name. You know it's bad if I'm going to the doctor for it. I believe it's heat exhaustion rather than heat stroke, but very borderline. THat seems to fit all of my symptoms. I should probably go buy some gatorade since getting anything down is killing me. I ate frosted flakes and drank some milk this morning - first food in 36 hours. I'm drinking water now, but I can't get a lot down cause every time anything touched my stomach, I feel nauseous. ...then again, I feel nauseous anyway, but it just seems to get worse. I hope this goes away soon. I really can't handle feeling this sick.

It is now 2:10pm and I haven't seen the doctor yet. They have 10 minutes to see about 10 of us. I went into the main office to ask if he was even coming today. I was told that they believe so and that they were told on Friday that he would be here Monday, yet no one has seen him. I have very little faith that he will even be here. I'm thinking I'll just go buy some more gatorade, take some more Dramamine and tylenol when I get home and sleep. That seems to be all I can do since I don't have any air conditioning to utilize nor cold fluids. Dang.


Shell & Rick said...

That is good to go to the doctor. Talk with him about your lack of sleep normally too. Maybe he can get you something to help you sleep once you are past being sick.

Rachael said...

Holy crap, hope you're okay!!! <3! If it doesn't get better I want you to go to el hospital por favor.... don't mess with that crap! :( <3!