Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Numero 30!

Wow, today is the last day! This month has gone super fast.  I never really planned out what my things were going to be every day, but rather what I was thankful for that day.  I've also had a hard time remembering what I have said on other days.  What has popped up today has been kind of weird.  I have some paranoia problems sometimes, especially at night.  Sometimes I'll think there's people in the house when there really aren't, etc.  Lately though, I've felt pretty safe most of the time.  I don't necessarily *like* where we live, but I do feel safe here.  I feel we live in a friendly neighborhood, our neighbors are kind, and there aren't any outside sources that are threatening my way of life.  I am extremely grateful for the peace of mind this gives me. 

Thank you, Michele, for letting me copy you and write random stuff that I like to talk about :)

She loves her Uncle Kenz so much that she insisted on sitting in his lap!  ...Marshall on the other hand....she needs a few more years to warm up to him :)  And Hunter is a good Nana!

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Michele said...

I think everyone needs a few more years to warm up to Marsh hahaha
That is a cute photo. I love her little curls and I want jammies like those!