Friday, November 12, 2010

72-Hour kit AKA Phew!

I put together a 72-hour kit a while back, and I've been pretty diligent about going through it every 6 months to make sure everything is in good condition, and nothing has expired.  If it is going to expire before the next time I check it (I check it in April and October), then I pull it out, and buy what needs to be replaced.

A friend of mine had listed what she and her husband put into their packs for their kit and I had realized there were things they had that I didn't, and it was probably a VERY good thing to get them in there.  Since it's now November, I have been slacking on it a bit.  I did pull everything out, resulting in a huge mess on our kitchen table.  I told Drew I wasn't going to put it back together until I had everything I wanted in it, because I felt it was stupid to put it back, cause then I'd forget to restock it.

So here's what I did.  Prior to this check point, I had everything in 1 backpack.  With the addition of a few extra things, I felt it necessary to make 2 backpacks that weren't as heavy as the 1.  So, I pulled Drew's old backpack down from the attic and got to work.  This is what I have in the packs:

1 large plastic painting tarp - I figured this could be a makeshift shelter, or to cover the ground, or both
3 emergency blankets
3 rain jackets
1 whistle/flashlight/hazards flashlight thing
2 travel sized shampoo (incase something really nasty gets in your hair)
2 travel sized conditioner (I'm a wuss)
1 bottle lotion
2 travel size deodorants - so you don't stink ;)
2  travel size hand sanitizer
1 box tampons - for the ladies ;) cause you never know when it'll happen!
1 pack playing cards
1 travel size tube of toothpaste
2 travel toothbrushes
18 hand/feet warmers (you know the kind you shake and they heat up)- not necessary, but I felt with Elisabeth it might be
2 ball point pens
1 hatchet
1 multi tool
1 pocket knife
1 first aide kit (I also added in extra bandaides and neosporin)-the kit was pretty packed, it has things from sunscreen, insect repellent, poison ivy wipes, splints, butterfly bandages, cold compress, moleskins, etc.)
3 pairs of socks for each person
1 pair of really thick socks (for hands, Ellie legs?)
1 winter hat for Ellie
2 thicker receiving sized blankets for Ellie
1 pack of diapers
1 travel size baby wipes
1 roll toilet paper
2 water bottles
matches w/water proof container
2 water bottles
2 flashlights
4 candles (who knows!)
1 bag protein powder - chocolate flavored!
1 bag of dried mangos from costco
1 box of crackers
5 granola bars
vital documents in a waterproof bag*
2 cans sterno fuel
2 travel size tissues
1 bar of soap
1 pacifier
1 roll duct tape
1 travel size tylenol
1 travel size ibuprofin
1 clicky lighter thing (in case the matches go out, or really, cause I like them)
(I think that's it?)

Now a couple things I have considered and I'm not sure what to do yet.  We have a couple cases of water up in our attic for emergencies.  I don't know if I should take a few of these water bottles and put them in the backpacks.  I have the room for at least 6-16oz containers at least in each.  We also have a "camping" shovel, but it's in the car for emergencies.  We've actually had to use it to dig a tire out of the snow 2 winters ago!  I also have a gallon of water in the car. 

As for winter gear for Drew and me, I figured we'd grab that on an as needed basis so I don't have to pack it. I felt that for Elisabeth though, it would be better to be precautionary about it.

This other family packed sleeping bags, but those, too are in our attic.  I thought about bringing them down so they were move accessible, but I just haven't decided.  ACTUALLY, what I'd really like, is to get some hiking backpacks so that a sleeping bag wouldn't be a cumbersome item on/in a backpack in the first place, so I'm keeping my eyes out for some decent/cheap ones.

*for my vital documents, I made copies and folded them in half so they fit nicely into one of the outside pockets.  They've been placed in a double lined ziplock bag.
The contents are as follows(all copies):
birth certificates
social security cards
bank account information
church records (membership id's, patriarchal blessings, temple marriage, priesthood certs., blessings, etc)
health insurance info
car insurance info
house insurance info
life insurance info
immunization records
--I'd also like to put a credit card in there, as well as some cash, it just hasn't happened yet.
(I think that's it on that, too)

***I also need to get a battery powered radio, but I was kind of holding off for the black friday ads to see if I could get a hand crank one for a little bit cheaper.  I also need some zipties, but I'm having a difficult time finding them.

I don't know if it's too much, or not enough, but at least it's something.  And if I never have to use it, that'll be the best. :)

And since no post is ever complete without pictures, here's some for you!
 She knew she needed a hat to go outside since I had put one on her earlier that morning, so she went and got her hat for me, and immediately ran to the door to go outside once it was on.  She got pretty far before my shoes were on!

She was dancing to music while sitting on her step there in the corner.


Michele said...

I am VERY impressed. Man I need to work on my kits. We usually have Gatorade in ours too.

Jocelyn said...

You're so much better than me! I haven't looked at our 72 hour kits in probably over a year. You can probably get the best price on hiking backpacks if you go to the REI scratch and dent sales.

Suki said...

Impressive! Yes, I definitely need to do this. And you should know I'm saving this post for when I actually kick myself into doing it.