Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday, a day late- but really, just a day of thankfulness

I had my dad go out and get a newspaper with all the Black Friday ads in it on Thursday evening.  I was determined to find SOMETHING to go out and get.  It didn't happen.  There was NOTHING we needed or really wanted that badly.  I was a bit saddened by this cause I love going out and feeling the energy, but I didn't want to go out "just because."  So we didn't. :(

Instead, we sat at my dad's house, hung out, and did a lot of nothing.  It was great. (Oh, we did end up at Ross and the grocery store at some point.  I got Elisabeth a couple really cute outfits and a Christmas dress that I love!)

But back to days of Thankfulness.  For my 25th thing, I am thankful for hair care products.  I contemplate what a disaster my hair would be without something to tame it.  My hair has a very good tendency to break off and frizz like mad.  I am constantly on a search for something that works and makes my hair look good.  So chances are, if you go...whoa..her hair is a disaster, it means whatever I'm using just isn't working and I'm in the process of finding something else.

But for now, this is what I do:
Shampoo with lovely shampoo, and hydrating conditioner.  I then use a leave-in conditioner and work in my gel.  Surprisingly, I've had some decent success with the cheaper brands of gel, and it's nice because I don't have to pay a lot to try them out.

About once a week, I use a clarifying shampoo and k-pak to re-hydrate my hair that's been stripped. (The clarifying is vital since I put so much gunk in my hair on a daily basis).  Then I do the same leave-in and gel afterward.

I love my hair.  I wish it was just a little stronger so it could handle the beating it goes through.  But in the same breath, I can't imagine what it would do if I DIDN'T tame it daily.

Love these guys!

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Michele said...

I HATE Biolage. No let me rephrase that - I COMPLETELY HATE biolage. They stuff is terrible on my head and hair. In fact, I believe I am actually allergic to it.
Have you used Dove? That's what I use and you have seen the results.