Thursday, November 25, 2010

22nd day

I'm backed up.  Not literally. hahaha!  For my 22nd day of thankfulness, I'm thankful for my car.  It's reliable, safe, and most importantly, BLACK!  Since all growing up, I never had my own car- always borrowed my sister's or my mom's car)- Drew and i decided I should get the first "new" car once one was needed. 

When we had Elisabeth and Drew started working full time, it became clearly apparent quickly that we needed another car.  So we got us a Rav4.  I wanted something with 4 wheel drive, and something that I could get the baby in and out of easily.  I also wanted something big enough that 2 car seats would fit, with a potential booster in there somewhere.  I don't know if we'll have that car that long, but just in case!

(and no, my car was never included in those recalls) :D

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Michele said...

2 more children eh?