Sunday, November 14, 2010

14th day of Thankfulness

Ever single one of my things I'm thankful for seems to have a story behind it.  I wanted to do this one before I forgot about it.

We were at Wallyworld earlier this week (Friday?) and we were in line to check out.  The lady in front of us had a baby who was probably about 7 months old.  The kid made a growling type sound at one point and the mom turns to him and says, "NO!" like he deliberately was yelling at her.

I'm not sure if it was young almost teenage mother w/ an uneducated upbringing (most likely), or if people in general bark at their children about things that seem degrading to even hear.

So today, I'm thankful for my degree in Human Development.  Without those classes, I probably would have put my kid in timeout thinking I was a "good" parent, and may have even scolded a baby for being rude.  But after countless hours of learning how kids develop in every way, shape and form, it has made me understand children and what they need.

I have started to set boundaries with Elisabeth, but only in the last couple of months.  Telling a baby no to some kind of speech development is just wrong, and I feel awful for that little boy who's going to grow up to probably be a mean kid cause he was yelled at since birth.

I still stand by my assertion that to have children, both the mother and father have to pass a parenting class before they can spawn.  It floors me to know what some parents  DON'T do with their kids, and what a disservice it is to everyone.

So thank you Iniveristy of Utah for opening my eyes, and broadening my horizons!

I forgot to post these yesterday! :)

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