Thursday, November 25, 2010

25th Day of Thankfulness

I think I'm all caught up now.  Yay!  So today, since I don't think I've done it yet, I am thankful for music.  I'm not a very good singer, and I have no idea how to play any instruments, but I love listening to it, and attempting to sing it.  I may  not have the best voice, but my little girl sure thinks it's the best :)

As I have grown up, my music preferences of have changed a lot.  I like to listen to what's current and has a good beat.  When we lived in Utah, for my birthday one year, Drew got subwoofers installed in the car. The car got broken into and they took my amp.  I was devastated.  After that, I didn't even want to put a new one in since I felt so violated that they destroyed the car that I just didn't want it happening again.  There's times when I want to get some new ones installed, but I figure that I probably shouldn't with having a child in the car.  My hearing is trashed, I probably shouldn't do the same to her.

I realized a couple days ago, we are constantly singing songs with Elisabeth.  We sing in the car, while eating, in the bath, going to bed, walking to the car...everywhere...  I also listen to music in the car and while I exercise. 

I loves it!

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