Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We went up to our old ward and did some trunk or treating up there.  It was great to see some friends and spend time with them.  Elisabeth had been a basketcase before we went.  I think she's teething, and she's had a yucky cough for a while.  We almost didn't take her, it was past her bedtime, rainy, and she was sick.  We perservered though!

Once we got there, I gave Elisabeth her basket and asked if she wanted to hold it.  She grabbed it from me and I told her we were going to walk up and down, stop at each car and get a little treat of candy.  So we took off.  She did awesome! We stopped at every car and she waited oh so very patiently!  If they didn't see her right away, she would shake her little bucket! (she had her pacifier in cause she was oh so sad in the car).  So we went around and did 3 rows! I was impressed.  She held her bucket the whole time and was happy as can be! 

Afterward, we went inside the church and played around.  I talked with friends while Elisabeth ran around, danced to the music, and tried to give little babies her pacifier (so cute!)  We had a great time!

Drew was there too ;) he handed out the candy at the car, and we all hung out inside together.

 Our Thanksgiving preview.... :)

 She was mad cause we wouldn't let her leave out of a door that said do not enter.
 So excited to get some candy! She worked hard!


 That little girl by her was 2 months older and about 2" shorter.
 I think M&Ms are her favorite
 Like her feetsies?

I hope your Halloween was as good as ours was :)


Michele said...

So stinkin cute. What did people say about the tubby costume? She looks so sad in the Indian Princess photo.

Suki said...

Sniffle, sniffle. I miss Oregon!!! Thanks for reminding me... :(