Tuesday, October 26, 2010

CSA, Elliebeth, Rainbows- DOUBLE Rainbows!

I seem to have weekends where nothing is going on, and others where I have double, triple and sometimes quadruple booked myself unintentionally.  This upcoming weekend is one of those where there were too many choices and someone's feelings are going to get hurt somewhere because we just can't do them all.  I'm not quite sure what's going to be let go yet though.

We got our produce box today.  We received: lots of peppers again, that fancy squash that I like to call Cinderella pumpkin, salad mix, spinach, fancy apples, onions, cherry tomatoes(which are quickly being done for the season so some are not ripe yet, but honestly, I'm not complaining cause we really do have a hard time keeping up with the supply we get), and yummy carrots.  I am absolutely amazed at how flavorful the carrots are.  Well, everything, really.  But the carrots are so sweet and carroty!(did I just say that?) Anyway, they're good. I love the green tops, and I love that they aren't all perfect. :)

 It looks cute but it didn't last long :)

 This was at 6:30pm on Sunday. She wanted to go outside (got her shoes, brought them to me and sat down so I could put them on.) I put on her jacket cause it was dark, cold and raining.  She went out, walked around for a bit and came back inside. I guess she wasn't ready to go to bed yet cause she needed to play more. :)
 I know it's fuzzy, but look how happy she is! Drew had come in the door while she was eating, and as always, we had to scream when he came in the door. (I also remembered why I have a hard time letting her feed herself. soooo messy!)

This made me giggle.  This double rainbow was from Monday after work.  It was amazing. I though to myself, "this is amazing, WHOA!" hahaha and IMMEDIATELY reminded myself of this dude:

I hope it works...if it doesn't, here's a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQSNhk5ICTI

...how embarrassing... lol


Michele said...

How do you find this crap? (youtube video)
I am so glad you have a photo of how happy E is that Drew is home. I would love to try your carrots cause I am just not so much a fan.
Great photos!

Suki said...

I know!!! Who knew that carrots had so much flavor!

Maddy said...

Shel, I watch a little too much Tosh.O. hehehehe