Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I don't have much to report.  I have a few minutes to load up some pictures.  Elisabeth has been getting hives now and then since Thursday.  Some days there are just a couple, but Saturday night, she was COVERED in them....like everywhere.  We gave her benadryl and they went away.  I talked to the doctor and they don't know what it is.  They suggested putting her back on her asthma medication to see if it helps.  I'm not sure how to get it in her food though since we've weaned off of bottles and all she eats is bananas, blueberries and tomatoes lately. (it's a powder and we would throw it in her milk at night)  any suggestions? (and Mom, I haven't forgotten to call- I'll get on it!)

 I had forgotten a while ago we found a little 49ers cheerleading outfit for Ellie.  We cheer for anyone playing AGAINST the 9ers, but she wears it to support her daddy. hahaha  She's been super into teeth lately.  I've been working on trying to get her to show me her teeth, she hasn't gotten it yet.
 Fort building!  I was feeling pretty yucky this weekend (too much gross food at our ridiculously long conference H/F) but Drew got out the chairs and blankets and made a pretty awesome fort for E.  He even made carpet! hahaha she's been going in there and just sitting...it is adorable!

 I am *so* sad these turned out blurry.  I got some funny/adorable pics of her.  She is a MESS, but she was smiling for me when I asked her to! -that's a first- my stoic child would smile when she was little and I'd do stupid stuff, but once she realized how to turn it on and off, she's been SO serious!  --we've also somehow flipped her giggle switch and she giggles at everything now, it is a great sound!

 She looks so grown up to me here.  I asked her if she wanted dinner and she knew right where to go

This is week 20 of 26 of our harvest box. I'm having a slight mourning over not getting our goody box every week.  I have absolutely ADORED EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. of this box.  I am so grateful for Drew's coworker for introducing it to us!

So this is what we got today: Peppers, lots and lots of peppers. grape tomatoes, Jonagold apples, lettuce, red kale, garlic, acorn squash, cilantro, Romano beans


Michele said...

Do you think the hives might be from the fruit/tomatoes? Don't you still give her sippy cups?
GO ANYONE but the 49ers! W00T W00T! (We all know how I feel about them too.)

Maddy said...

It could be, but she's eaten them all since she was 6 months old, so I don't know why it would suddenly change?

We give her sippy cups mainly in the car- she's pretty good with a cup, so she usually just has that at home. I think she has a sippy at the babysitters just to make things easier and less messy.