Friday, October 1, 2010

What did she do?!

We got a new "highchair" for Ellie since her chubby little legs were all up on her tray.  So we thought we were clever by putting the chair underneath her to keep it neat and tidy.  I was wrong....
After I took the picture, she decided she could get up IN her seat.  I took the chair away.  Then today, she realized she didn't NEED the chair and figured out how to stand up in there anyway.  Guess I get to buckle her in.  I've gotten pretty lucky so far that she isn't much of a climber.

My sister sent up some adorable hats that her friend made for Elisabeth.  They're a bit big, but gosh they are adorable!!! Thank you Auntie Michele!!!

How about a book for a hat, Mommy?

Miss Grumpy

Wild Turkeys! They were all over at the babysitters property, awesome!

And last, but certainly not least, or CSA box for the week:  
An eggplant, spinach, a beet, basil, delicata squash, cippolini onions, bartlett pears, sweet girl tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and garlic!

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