Thursday, October 21, 2010

16 Months

My tiny little baby, who isn't a baby anymore despite my denial, is officially 16 months old today.  She's amazing in my eyes.

The past month, she's learned to say "cheese!", "thank you"(dank you), a more defined byebye, cat, car, a good great horse sound, and a very clear yes.  She's also been really into her alphabet letter magnets on the fridge.  She'll say the letter sounds with the Q, I, H, K, F, A, and M.  She'll play the beginning part of the song that has the letter sounds over and over until she has it right- amazing!  Just in the past week or so, she's started responding to requests with very precise accuracy, like "would you like your shoes off?" she'll say yes and sit down for me to take them off.  Or, would you like some blueberries? she'll say yes and run to her highchair.  I know for those that have had kids, or watched them grow up, it's part of the whole growing up deal, but to see this little baby grow into a little girl is just phenomenal to me.

Now for produce! We got a LOT today! wow! There were winter banana apples (and heirloom variety that I haven't tried yet, but plan on eating tomorrow), broccoli, a leek, butterball potatoes, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, lettuce, celery, giant sweet peppers-look at those guys! They were like a foot long!!!


Drew had told her the box was for her head, so she did as instructed!

I feel awful that I have slacked on the monthly Blaire photos.  I remembered today though.  Getting her to lay down was a feat in and of itself.  She was laughing at her popcorn vacuum, and was helping vacuum while I took the picture.  It didn't last very long.  In fact, I'm amazed I got this.  (Do you like all her hair pretties on the floor?  She takes the container out, dumps them out, puts them back in the box, dumps them out, tries to put them on her head, and then puts them back in the box, dumps it out, etc., etc., etc.,)

See, it didn't last...she needed to do things

We don't wear clothes in our house. hahaha (she was on her way to the bath)- Drew had been folding his arms cause he was cold.  When Ellie sees folded arms, she thinks it's time for prayer.  Luckily I was snapping some pictures and got this one- so cute!

our cutie little pumpkins we got at the farm this year.  Elisabeth even picked out her own tiny guy!

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Michele said...

Yeah...I still can't get over that you are a mom.