Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful 10 & 11

I did it again.  Forgot to post.  Elisabeth has had a pretty nasty cold, and I've had the same cold. Yuck.  I'm out of energy and cranky, she's out of energy and cranky.  The only nice thing I can do is take cold medicine.  For her, I have to think up every trick in the book to get her to sleep for a couple hours.  I know I have no room to complain compared to others' issues in life, but I'm whiney (sp?), and right now, sleep is scarce in our house.

(I'm not going to put in an ad for watching TV, but she did watch Nemo for about 15 minutes while I changed sheets - hooray for little things!)

So back to things I'm thankful for: Numero 10 has to be my Harvest Box we get each week.  Our little letter reminded us that we only have 2 weeks left.  Our box contents are getting a wee bit smaller, like the beginning of the season, just because everything is finishing growing.  I have absolutely LOVED getting the experience to try new foods, to have local, RIPE food, an over abundance of different tomatoes, salads daily, fennel! (oh my gosh, I am in LOVE with fennel now!)  This whole experience has been wonderful for me, and I'm so grateful to Drew's coworker for introducing it to us- Thank you!!!

We've even started saving up a reserve to that next year's box won't set us back so much money like this one did.

(what we got for this week! - Butternut squash, bok choy, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, onions, salad mix, apples, persimmons, fennel!) Yum!!!

The next thing I'm thankful for is: Harry Potter.  OK, this may sound totally and completely lame, but it's true.  All through school, I detested reading.  I'm not very fast, and stories got boring quickly.  I remember looking at books and thinking, ok, only 3 more pages until the chapter ends, I can do it, and feeling like it took FOREVER to finish.  I hated, hated, hated reading.  A couple different people from my side, and Drew's side of the families had suggested it to me right before the 3th book came out.  My mom was all super excited about the 1st book, and my brother had even gone out to buy #3 cause we didn't have it at the house so he could catch up faster.  It was crazy.  So I figured I'd hop on the wagon and see what it was all about. I am SO glad I did.  I read through those books so easily.  I loved the storyline, I loved the universe J.K. Rowling had created.  I just loved it so much!

I didn't read a whole lot other than textbook stuff until I was out of college.  There just isn't time to read, and when there is, you better be studying.  So the only things that I did read were the new Harry Potter books as they came out.  I am such a follower that I went to the midnight releases for #5, #6, and #7.  I even dressed up for #6 and #7!!  I even have Quidditch goggles! :)

So yeah, totaly Harry Potter geek right here, and I'm proud to admit it.
(I'm beating myself up for not going to the midnight premiere of the first half of #7, but I just can't realistically go to work the next day on so little sleep :( )

And now for cute pictures, cause I like to share

 We got her a rocking chair for her room that was a bit more comfortable than her highchair

 We also got her a bike! It expands so it'll grow with her for a few years.  She loves it!  She also needs a bluetooth...
 ...aaannddd a pettiskirt.  She loves it!  She wears is all the time!

 And this was was just for fun, Drew put his Utes sweatshirt on her :)
Love this girl!


Michele said...

I LOVE the photo watching Nemo and the hair in the last photo. She is so cute.
I remember you not reading but if I remember correctly, you read Hatchet and liked it. I am glad you like to read now. =)

Michele said...

I need to find my goggles. I am wearing my sweatshirt tomorrow =)